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So You Think You’re Bullish on Domains?

Posted on 31 August 2013 by Andrei

… if so, it means you haven’t heard of Future Media Architects 🙂

Out of all domainers, I’d say Thunayan from Future Media Architects is (possibly by far) the person who believes in the long-term potential of domains the most.

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7 GoDaddy Discount Codes

Posted on 30 August 2013 by Andrei

Found 7 coupons for you this week and at least 2 of them *seem* to be working internationally as opposed to only for the US and Canada.

Didn’t use any of them myself so as always, I can’t guarantee they’ll work.

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Not All Good Domains Go Up in Value

Posted on 29 August 2013 by Andrei

I know it sounds weird but I’ll try to explain.

On the one hand, new words/terms constantly appear. For example, if you hand regged back in the day, let’s just say your retirement is paid for.

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Let’s Define the Success of a New gTLD

Posted on 28 August 2013 by Andrei

Look, if we define the success of a new gTLD from a “Will it surpass dot com?” perspective, all of them will fail. No exceptions. But if we define it from a “Will it be profitable?” perspective, I think a lot of them will do very well.

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Let’s Talk About the *Real* Cost of a Fancy Car

Posted on 27 August 2013 by Andrei

Online entrepreneurs and domainers, compared to offline entrepreneurs and offline investors, are generally younger. Although the age average is lower with online entrepreneurs than domainers, the principle is still valid.

And being young means that for the most part, you are more tempted by shiny depreciating assets than those who are older. Again, I said for the most part, I’m not saying there aren’t exceptions.

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Learn from the Mistakes *Others* Make

Posted on 26 August 2013 by Andrei

You have domaining blogs, forums… you name it.

All sorts of places through which people share their thoughts, success stories but also mistakes.

Negotiation mistakes, acquisition mistakes and so on.

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Five GoDaddy Coupons – 2x$0.99, 1x$1.99, 1x$2.49 and 1x$2.95

Posted on 25 August 2013 by Andrei

Managed to find 5 GD discount codes this week. I am fairly confident one of them works worldwide (so not just for people from the US or Canada) and as for the other 4, I’m not sure.

Haven’t tested any of them myself, so I can’t guarantee they’ll work.

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Is It Just Me or Are There Less and Less Amazing Domains on the Reseller Market?

Posted on 24 August 2013 by Andrei

… and by amazing domains, I mean for example solid one worders priced to sell and not priced in an “I don’t really want to sell so I’ll ask for a price that covers my retirement when pitching it to domainers” manner.

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Our “Work” Is Different, Not Necessarily Easier

Posted on 23 August 2013 by Andrei

A lot of 9 to 5 employees are tempted to say that being a domainer or an entrepreneur is easy because you get to organize your time however you see fit and things like that.

I disagree.

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Sedo GreatDomains August Ending Today

Posted on 22 August 2013 by Andrei

The auctions will end in about 10 hours and 30 minutes. There are only two $1k+ bids so far and I don’t think we’ll see any blockbuster sales (every now and then, there’s a nice 6 fig sale at Sedo GreatDomains) this month because, as mentioned last week:

Can’t say this is the best inventory they ever had but still, some of the domains are interesting. To analyze all of them, click HERE.

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