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Not All Good Domains Go Up in Value

Posted on 29 August 2013 by Andrei

I know it sounds weird but I’ll try to explain.

On the one hand, new words/terms constantly appear. For example, if you hand regged back in the day, let’s just say your retirement is paid for.

On the opposite end of the spectrum though, some words end up being used less and less, which brings me right back to our title.

For example, the word “cyber” was extremely popular at a certain point.

Naturally, domains such as or were amazing.

Do they still have value? Sure! They’re still very good domains.

Do they have as much value as they had back when the term “cyber” was hot? Not by a long shot.

The overall domain market is up significantly compared to the period when the word “cyber” was hot yet despite that fact, the top “cyber” domains haven’t appreciated in value. In fact, they’re worth less than they were at that point.

A paradox, if you will.

As a domainer, you have to understand this phenomenon and ultimately realize that just like certain words end up becoming more and more popular, other words/terms lose their luster as time passes.

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  1. RaTHeaD Says:

    so… if i get what you’re saying… although cyber… pussy… and online are three of the top fifty niches… i should not waste my 99 cent godaddy coupon to register because it might take three years to get my dollar back. cool.

  2. Andrei Says:

    @RaTHeaD: nope.

    What I’m trying to explain is that some words go out of fashion, so to speak. If you remember, several years ago, the word cyber was very widely used.

    But as time passed, more and more people abandoned the word.

    Right now, I can’t even remember the last time someone used it in a conversation.

    Therefore, the owners of domains that contain the word “cyber” noticed that even though the domain market as a whole went up, the domains from their portfolio that contain the word “cyber” didn’t appreciate along with the overall market and in fact, they even went down in value.

  3. gene Says:

    I fully agree with what you’re saying. This is most evident in the scientific and technology realms – new words and concepts catapulting to the front of the line, e.g., graphene, nanotechnology. As others have correctly stated, buy tomorrow not yesterday – or even today for that matter.