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Five GoDaddy Coupons – 2x$0.99, 1x$1.99, 1x$2.49 and 1x$2.95

Posted on 25 August 2013 by Andrei

Managed to find 5 GD discount codes this week. I am fairly confident one of them works worldwide (so not just for people from the US or Canada) and as for the other 4, I’m not sure.

Haven’t tested any of them myself, so I can’t guarantee they’ll work.

First of all, here’s the one that should work worldwide, it brings the price down to $0.99:


Here’s another $0.99 coupon:


Next, a $1.99 coupon:


And here’s a $2.94 discount code:


Last but not least, here’s a $2.95 coupon:


The last one, gtnicrm016, is the most recent coupon that was released out of the bunch, so the likelihood of it working is higher than with the other 4.

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  1. MarkH Says:

    This one worked for me smrt199a, and these worked also:

    smrt199b, smrt199c, smrt199d, smrt199e

  2. johan Says:

    None of these worked for me (European)