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NameCheap Easter Promo

Posted on 31 March 2013 by Andrei

NameCheap are having an Easter promo today: dot com transfers at $5.99 a pop. The discount isn’t as impressive as the GoDaddy ones I mention on DomainingTips each week but the good part is that you can transfer up to 15 domains and that you get free whois privacy for the first year with each domain.

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Our “Basic” Skills Aren’t *That* Basic

Posted on 30 March 2013 by Andrei

Who here can change nameservers and then install WordPress?

Who can transfer a domain from Registrar A to Registrar B?

I’m pretty sure everyone who’s reading this blog post can do it.

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Dot Coms at $0.99 and $1.69

Posted on 29 March 2013 by Andrei

This week, I have two GoDaddy coupons for you guys, a $1.69 one and a $0.99 one. In both cases, the $0.18 ICANN fee will be added to the price.

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Should You Pay Attention to the New gTLDs?

Posted on 28 March 2013 by Andrei

In my opinion yes, you should.

There’s a lot of money on the table and as a person who is involved in the domaining industry in one way or another, it would be a huge mistake to just stand there while history is being written.

Will one of the new gTLDs surpass dot com as the #1 extension? Of course not.

A new gTLD doesn’t *have* to surpass dot com in order to be successful.

Again, Internet history is being written and since you’re involved in the industry anyway, it makes sense to go after a piece of the action.

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Why I’m Not a Stock Trader

Posted on 27 March 2013 by Andrei

Most people assume that just because you’re “good with money”, you’re automatically in a good position to make money actively doing lots and lots of things which require years of experience at the same time: if you’re a good domainer, you’re a good stock trader, a good forex trader and the list could go on and on.

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Sedo GreatDomains March Started Last Week

Posted on 26 March 2013 by Andrei

In my opinion, the Sedo team should start taking their GreatDomains events more seriously.

I’m pretty sure at least 80% of the people reading the post had no idea the auctions were running. Sedo is a huge company and at this level, they really do need to increase their marketing budget… or start having a marketing budget for GreatDomains because I’m not even sure they have one.

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Distractions = Bad Deals

Posted on 25 March 2013 by Andrei

Most of us don’t have to *go* to work each day, most of us don’t have to answer to a boss (since, well, we are the boss)… so you’d think that for people who earn a living online, time management is a piece of cake.

Is that true?

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Is Envy a Good or Bad Thing?

Posted on 24 March 2013 by Andrei

There’s (almost) always someone who achieved better results, has better domains, you name it.

Envy is perfectly natural because none of us are robots.

But is it a good or bad thing?

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GoDaddy Coupon: One Dot Com Reg or Transfer at $1.69

Posted on 23 March 2013 by Andrei

Unlike the coupon I shared last week, this one seems to be working for other countries as well, so not just for customers from the US or Canada.

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Calculated vs. Foolish Risks

Posted on 22 March 2013 by Andrei

Domains are what investors refer to as “risk assets”.

In other words, your returns can be very high but you’re also risking more than with other types of investments, since liquidity-related issues and other aspects contribute to this.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

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