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Distractions = Bad Deals

Posted on 25 March 2013 by Andrei

Most of us don’t have to *go* to work each day, most of us don’t have to answer to a boss (since, well, we are the boss)… so you’d think that for people who earn a living online, time management is a piece of cake.

Is that true?

Well, it can be but for most people, it isn’t.

The Internet is full of distractions and if it’s one thing I learned, it’s that distractions are bad deals.

Think about it.

Distractions aren’t usually a good way to spend time.

You’re not working, so you’re not using your time in a productive manner.

You’re not exactly enjoying unique experiences, so from an entertainment standpoint, distractions aren’t a good deal either. Reading mediocre articles, playing silly games, you name it.

People are basically wasting time without getting something worthwhile in return.

No money, no decent experiences, nothing.

Simply put, distractions are a bad value proposition.

If you waste an hour doing something that isn’t productive and that isn’t genuinely enjoyable either… well, nobody’s going to give you that hour back, just something to think about 🙂

2 Comments For This Post

  1. MarkH Says:

    Reading this post was a distraction, can I have my 2 minutes back, lol. Just kidding, I couldn’t resist…

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Mark: I see what you did there 🙂

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