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Why I’m Not a Stock Trader

Posted on 27 March 2013 by Andrei

Most people assume that just because you’re “good with money”, you’re automatically in a good position to make money actively doing lots and lots of things which require years of experience at the same time: if you’re a good domainer, you’re a good stock trader, a good forex trader and the list could go on and on.

That way of thinking is overly simplistic.

I’m not saying you can’t invest in stocks, for example.

I’m simply saying that let’s say being a good domainer, stock *trader* and forex *trader* at the same time is next to impossible.

To understand this, let’s understand what a domainer is.

I’d say a domainer is someone who actively buys and sells domains.

I explained earlier this month that you can make money with domains without being a domainer.

For example someone who bought 30 LLL dot coms back in 2003 and didn’t do anything up until this point.

Did he do well?


Is he a domainer?


It’s the same way with stocks or pretty much anything.

To buy stocks every now and then, you don’t have to invest all that much time.

But to be a trader, in other words someone who actively buys and sells stocks, you have to pretty much treat it as a profession/career.

And that’s my point: the day only has 24 hours and it’s physically impossible to be good at lots of things at the same time… at least for most people.

Maybe there are geniuses out there who can pull it off, probably.

But I’m not one of them.

I’m smart but I’m not a genius.

I’d say the same thing is valid for most of the people reading this post.

There’s a saying in my country and probably lots of other cultures as well: if you chase two rabbits, you’ll probably lose them both 😉

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  1. Konstantinos Zournas Says:

    When people try to talk to me about stocks I tell them that I don’t know anything and I can’t help them. I only know domains.

    I follow the markets and a few key stocks but that’s about it.
    And I only do it because the overall economy affects domain sales.

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Konstantinos: same here, I read financial news and do everything humanly possible to stay informed.

    But to be a stock trader as well for example, I’d have to push the “humanly possible” thing beyond its scope and since the day only has 24 hours, I think the likelihood of being successful at all sorts of things at the same time is low.

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