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Book Launch Discount ($0.99) And Contest (Prizes: 1 Bitcoin, 10x $100, $100 Amazon Credit, Etc.)

Posted on 06 August 2018 by Andrei

Hey guys, this is Andrei! Loooooooooong time no see ūüôā

As some of you remember, I’m an economist “by trade” and run the fairly popular One Minute Economics YouTube channel (almost 27,000 subscribers at the moment of writing). I genuinely believe it’s time to prepare for the next financial crisis properly by reading¬†The Age of Anomaly¬†(my new book) and while you’re at it, why not win some awesome prizes?

First and foremost, I’m practically giving The Age of Anomaly away by only charging¬†$0.99(not a typo) as of the 6th of August (Monday) and until the 12th of August (Sunday). Yep, people will basically be able to buy¬†a 400-page book¬†I’ve invested blood, sweat, tears and sanity in for less than a buck! ūüôā

The book basically¬†helps people prepare for as well as deal with financial calamitiesand represents a must-read for everyone who’s concerned about the future. I’ve taken things one step at a time, from case studies which help you understand the financial disasters of yesterday to tips for today and, of course, information meant to help you become more resilient in general.¬†A no-bs approach to economic preparedness, that’s how I’d describe my new baby in just one sentence!

The book is being sold on 4 platforms:





Moving on to the contest, I have one goal and one goal only:¬†spreading the word about The Age of Anomaly. Therefore, I will reward people who help me do that with chances at winning some truly awesome prizes (before continuing, it’s important to mention that I respect people’s privacy and encourage everyone to read my¬†privacy policy):

The first prize is, believe it or not, ONE BITCOIN from our friends at Trezor!

The second prize, once again from Trezor, is 1 ETH + 1 LTC!

Next, the same awesome people from Trezor are offering 5 first generation hardware wallets and 3 of their new Model T hardware wallets!

Aside from that, I’ll be offering¬†TEN prizes of $100 each¬†(paid via Bitcoin or PayPal) myself!

Our other friends, this time from GlowHost, will be offering 15 domain + hosting packagesor in other words, a free Dot Com domain as well as free hosting for unlimited domains!

The same amazing people from GlowHost will be sponsoring the contest with 50 hosting packages, once again for unlimited domains!

The great folks over at will be offering a $100 Amazon gift card to a lucky winner!

Finally, I’ll be offering¬†5¬†video or audio consulting sessions (via Skype, Google Hangouts or platforms like Zoom) as well as¬†25¬†email consulting sessions (you ask me a question, I’ll provide a very detailed answer and do my best to help)!

How to take part in the contest, you might ask? Well, there are 3 possibilities and in each case, I’ll reward you with chances at winning (once chance at winning = your email address written on a piece of paper and included in the final drawing):

1) Of course, buy the book. I’ll reward people with 3 chances at winning for¬†buying¬†on¬†Amazon, 3 chances at winning for buying on¬†Barnes&Noble, 3 chances for buying on¬†iBooks¬†and 3 chances for buying on¬†Kobo

2)¬†Convince someone to buy the book, you’ll receive 3 chances at winning and, of course, the person who buys it receives 3 chances him or herself. For example, if John tells Rachel about the book and Rachel says “I found out about it from” when contacting me to claim her 3 chances, John will receive 3 chances as well for telling her about the book. The only rule is that BOTH people need to have bought the book because otherwise, there’s a significant incentive to game the system by creating fake email accounts and claiming those 3 chances

3) Other than that, all the other options of receiving additional chances involve telling others about the book, either through your personal social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or through your platform if you have a YouTube account, podcast, website or blog:

A) If you tell others about the book on¬†Facebook, you will receive 1 chance at winning if you have less than 100 friends (the BRONZE level), 2 chances if you have 100-500 friends (the SILVER level), 3 chances if you have between 500 and 1,000 friends (the GOLD level), 4 chances if you have between 1,000 and 5,000 friends (PLATINUM level) and, finally, 5 chances if you have over 5,000 friends/followers (the DIAMOND level). The same way, on¬†Twitter, you can receive anything from 1 chance at winning if you have less than 100 followers to 5 chances if you have over 5,000 and that’s how things will work on¬†LinkedInas well, from 1 chance if you have less than 100 contacts to 5 chances if you have over 5,000. If you’re active on other social media platforms aside from these three, let me know and in each case, you’ll receive 1 chance at winning

B) If you tell others about The Age of Anomaly on¬†YouTube, through your podcast or via your website/blog, you’ll receive two times more chances at winning! When promoting on YouTube, you’ll receive 2 chances if you have less than 100 subscribers (BRONZE), 4 chances if you have 100-500 subscribers (SILVER), 6 chances if you have 500-1,000 subscribers (GOLD), 8 chances if you have 1,000-5,000 subscribers (PLATINUM) or 10 if you have over 5,000 subscribers. The same way, by telling others about the book on your¬†podcast, you’ll receive between 2 chances at winning if you reach less than 100 people and 10 chances if you reach over 5,000 individuals. Finally, by spreading the word through your¬†website or blog, you’ll receive anything from 1 chance at winning if you have less than 100 monthly unique visitors to 10 chances if you have more than 5,000 (unique visits, not views!)

That being stated, let’s see what you have to do to participate:

1) Send an email to¬†¬†and if you’d like to, you can also send a carbon copy (cc) to¬†¬†(optional). The two email addresses are on completely different servers, so the likelihood of me receiving the email is practically 100% if you send to both. But even if you only send to, I’m 99.9% certain I’ll receive it, I promise that my spam filters are very loose ūüôā

2) In the¬†email title, do your best to be descriptive, it will help a lot when I go through all submissions. If you aren’t, don’t worry, I won’t disqualify you. But still, please try to help by for example having a title such as “Bought on iBooks” if you purchased the book on iBooks or “Promoted on Facebook, SILVER level” if you promoted on Facebook and have between 100 and 500 friends

3) As far as the actual message is concerned, please explain what you did and prove that you did it. A screenshot if you bought the book, a link if you promoted on social media or a screenshot if your social media profile is private, use your best judgement

I don’t want to finish without making 3 very important rules clear so as to ensure people don’t game the system:

Rule 1) Your account needs to be ESTABLISHED and LEGITIMATE. It has to be at the very least 3 months old and if there’s anything fishy about it, I reserve the right to disqualify you

Rule 2) You give me the right to make¬†judgement calls. For example, if you have 9,000 followers on Twitter but there isn’t much engagement, I might decide not to give you DIAMOND-level benefits and instead, only give you let’s say BRONZE or SILVER-level ones

Rule 3) Not really a rule, just wanted to let you know that I’ll do my best to pick the winners as soon as possible next week but since there will probably be a lot of listings to go through, so I can’t make any promises, especially since I’ll most likely be quite tired after the launch week

That’s pretty much it, good luck and most importantly, I genuinely hope you’ll put the tips I provide in The Age of Anomaly to good use because make no mistake, the stakes are ridiculously high!

Comments (2) Is 9 Years Old!!!

Posted on 12 February 2017 by Andrei

It’s ridiculous how time flies!

A little over 9 years ago (on the 31st of January 2008), the previous owner of published his first post and roughly a year and a half later, I bought the blog from him and took over. This means I’ve been blogging on DomainingTips for roughly 7 and a half years. Wow. Just wow!
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A Special Thank You to the DomainingTips Contest Sponsors!

Posted on 04 January 2017 by Andrei

I’ve been driving all over the country over the past couple of weeks, which made blogging fairly difficult but here we are, at the start of 2017 and I think it makes sense that I dedicate this year’s first post to thanking the sponsors who made my book launch contest possible ūüôā

Here they are, along with the prizes they’ve offered:

1) an iPhone 7 (ridiculously awesome phone) from Uniregistry

2) two NamesCon passes ($799 each)

3) three $300/year Whoisology plans

4) one Domaining Europe ticket (650 EUR value)

5) $250 in credit

6) two annual Efty Growth plans

7) $100 in credit that can be used for registrations as well as renewals from 101Domain

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The Wealth Management 2.0 Contest Ends Today

Posted on 18 December 2016 by Andrei

Last call guys, last chance to buy an awesome book at a steep discount and win one of these awesome prizes:
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Eric Borgos

Posted on 17 December 2016 by Andrei

Just saying “Eric Borgos” in the title and nothing else is enough to make it clear the post is about something positive because pretty much everyone can confirm Eric has a positive vibe associated with everything he does. He’s honest, he’s always willing to share his experiences (… and talk about his mistakes as well, not just about the stuff he got right!) and most importantly, he’s a genuinely nice person.
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Wealth Management 2.0 Became an Amazon Best Seller!!! (… and Other Updates)

Posted on 13 December 2016 by Andrei

Here we are, two days after the launch and Wealth Management 2.0 got its “Best Seller” badge of honor from Amazon, something I would have thought was just a dream two years ago:

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Comments (4) Is 8 Years Old!

Posted on 02 March 2016 by Andrei

Time sure does fly!

On the 31st of January 2008, the previous owner of DomainingTips published the first post and approximately 18 months later, I bought the blog from him and embarked on a journey I was very excited about. The rest, as they say, is history ūüôā
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Remember Kiva?

Posted on 30 December 2015 by Andrei

Back in November 2012 (more than three years ago), I used to own a hosting business which has since been sold and made the following offer: 100% of the revenue generated over a certain period of time ended up being donated via Kiva. That way, you guys got decent cheap hosting and helped those in need while you were at it. The promotion lasted a couple of months and I was very happy with the results.
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You Guys Are Awesome!

Posted on 23 August 2015 by Andrei

When I published the post about why I decided to start a domain sales newsletter yesterday and told you guys that you can submit domains for tomorrow’s test newsletter if you want to, my expectations weren’t high. After all, the newsletter hasn’t yet proven itself and I’m not even 100% sure I’ll make this a permanent thing. It all depends on the results and at this point, your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not this is going to work.

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