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Eric Borgos

Posted on 17 December 2016 by Andrei

Just saying “Eric Borgos” in the title and nothing else is enough to make it clear the post is about something positive because pretty much everyone can confirm Eric has a positive vibe associated with everything he does. He’s honest, he’s always willing to share his experiences (… and talk about his mistakes as well, not just about the stuff he got right!) and most importantly, he’s a genuinely nice person.

As you know, Eric wrote the foreword of Wealth Management 2.0 (btw, the contest where you can win an iPhone 7 and other awesome prizes ends tomorrow, be sure to check it out if you haven’t by now because the chances of winning a prize are quite high in an industry as small as ours) and the story associated with how this happened definitely has “Eric Borgos” written all over it.

When asking someone to write the foreword of your book, you’re asking that person to invest valuable time and energy in something that’s going to be around forever. Once a book has been published, it’s “out there” and while sure, you can edit it later on and what not, this doesn’t change the semi-permanent nature of the process because there’s no “undo” button for the books which have already been bought.

For this reason, putting your name next to something in this manner comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Yet Eric was always nice and eager to help.

Don’t assume that the process of inviting him to write Wealth Management 2.0’s foreword was formal, glamorous or something along those lines. That isn’t Eric’s style and frankly, it isn’t mine either. Instead, the process was quick, simple and friendly.

Back in 2014, I sent him an email with this exact title:

β€œWanna write the foreword for my book?”

… I kid you not.

I told him that I loved his friendly and honest way of sharing information, explained why I’ve decided to write a book and asked if he’d be willing to write the foreword.

He quickly replied to say yes and the rest, as they say, is history.

No fine print, no strings attached, nothing like that whatsoever.

This is who Eric is and let’s be honest, this post is a reminder. I’m not telling you anything new but rather once again making it clear why I think Eric is ridiculously awesome and that we shouldn’t take such people for granted. The Internet has its share of not-so-awesome stuff. Negativity, hatred and all that. But if for every 10 negative Internet-related stories we have one story such as mine about Eric, I can’t help but feel confident in the future of this crazy Wild West world we call the Internet πŸ™‚

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