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Remember Kiva?

Posted on 30 December 2015 by Andrei

Back in November 2012 (more than three years ago), I used to own a hosting business which has since been sold and made the following offer: 100% of the revenue generated over a certain period of time ended up being donated via Kiva. That way, you guys got decent cheap hosting and helped those in need while you were at it. The promotion lasted a couple of months and I was very happy with the results.

For those of you who don’t know what Kiva is all about, understanding how it works is really simple: through Kiva, you basically give interest-free loans to those in need. Perhaps to someone from Lebanon who needs money for his child’s surgery, perhaps to someone from Kenya who wants to grow more food to feed his family and so on.

Through Kiva, you’re basically helping people by giving them loans and not charging interest.

The greatest thing about this concept is that after the person you helped paid you back, you can use that money to help someone else. Rinse and repeat. Brilliant!

And here we are, more than 3 years later and I’m still making loans via Kiva. The most recent one was made yesterday:

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It may not be a fortune but Kiva has a lot of members and it definitely adds up.

I don’t want to end 2015 without remembering some of the awesome things we’ve done together and Kiva definitely deserves to be mentioned!

Don’t let 2015 go by without acknowledging how grateful you should be for what you have and understanding that not all people have been as fortunate. If you’re not a Kiva member yet, I’d strongly recommend signing up and donating at the very least some pocket change to see how it works: I hope as many of you as possible become addicted 🙂

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