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5th year anniversary goes off with a whimper. What’s next for new GTLDs

Posted on 05 February 2019 by Graham Haynes

After launching in April 2014, 2years later registrations had shot up to over 20 million. Move on another 3 years to February 2019 and that growth has stalled to zero.

The 5th anniversary was met with no fanfare, no proclamations of .com being resigned to the dustbin, like AM radio, which in hindsight looks silly. We domainers love domains and that love can be miss-placed, I’m sure we have all loved a domain too much only to find we are the only ones to see the beauty in the name. That’s what has happened to the buyers of dot horse, dot blue and dot kiwi they fell in love with them but no one else did.

MMX owners of a portfolio including.VIP the most successful nGTLD launch in my opinion and .horse the most ridiculed, have been in merger/buyout talks for 18 months. That tells me no one is in a huge hurry to invest. So many corporations have not used their dot brand notably Fox TV who made a big issue of the transfer from to the URL dot fox but it never happened. Now it’s a sport to spot one in the wild, like spotting a rare bird, something to be noted and recorded.

So what’s next. Slow death by confusion. The single biggest reason for the failure has been the sheer numbers at launch with plurals and variations such as photo, photos, photography, pictures, pics and it just goes on. Foretold by many domainers notably Berkins that the madness of this will cause confusion and the public won’t be bothered to understand it.

TLD .IO extension has been successful, built on by a community which wants to identify themselves as geniuses, cutting edge and new which demonstrates there always were enough naming options and pure domainers have made more money on that one extension than all the nGTLDs.


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  1. Snoopy Says:

    The only thing left now is .web, expect that to be the last big cash grab and another epic flop. They’ll sell a couple of million if they price it at $10 and despite that it won’t resonate with consumers.

    .Brand has done particularly badly, the term is at the wrong end of the domain, it can’t recover from that obvious flaw.

    .io has grown a lot in terms of sales but only at the expense of .me, .co, .tv, .cc etc. Eventually .io will trail off as well once it is no long cool and new. All these extensions fighting over a pool of buyers that is 1% of the market.

  2. Muhabe Says:

    Right on, Snoopy. I agree that the new gtlds have been a giant .fail


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