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Posted on 25 January 2021 by NamePros Daily

Today: Added domain protection and security / The appraisal of / .IN for ONLY $0.99 / and more…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: appraisal – Are domain names like Cv19 (A play off of Covid-19) worth anything in today’s market in the ,net extension? What do you think it’s worth?

The appraisal of – This is an interesting two-word, twelve-letter, .com domain, but is it interesting enough to have some liquid value in today’s market? What would you appraise it for?

Added domain protection and security – How important is it to get one year protection and security when you register a new domain name? Does it really help or add any value? Take a look at what some investors are saying.

.IN for ONLY $0.99 – If you have been on the fence and debating on investing into a new .in ccTLD, but didn’t like the price-point, this new promotion might help you save a few bucks. sold for $5,100 – That’s not a bad domain name sales report for a seventeen-letter, three-word, .com domain for a mid-four-figures. Do you think it should have sold for more or less than what it sold for?

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5th year anniversary goes off with a whimper. What’s next for new GTLDs

Posted on 05 February 2019 by Graham Haynes

After launching in April 2014, 2years later registrations had shot up to over 20 million. Move on another 3 years to February 2019 and that growth has stalled to zero.

The 5th anniversary was met with no fanfare, no proclamations of .com being resigned to the dustbin, like AM radio, which in hindsight looks silly. We domainers love domains and that love can be miss-placed, I’m sure we have all loved a domain too much only to find we are the only ones to see the beauty in the name. That’s what has happened to the buyers of dot horse, dot blue and dot kiwi they fell in love with them but no one else did.

MMX owners of a portfolio including.VIP the most successful nGTLD launch in my opinion and .horse the most ridiculed, have been in merger/buyout talks for 18 months. That tells me no one is in a huge hurry to invest. So many corporations have not used their dot brand notably Fox TV who made a big issue of the transfer from to the URL dot fox but it never happened. Now it’s a sport to spot one in the wild, like spotting a rare bird, something to be noted and recorded.

So what’s next. Slow death by confusion. The single biggest reason for the failure has been the sheer numbers at launch with plurals and variations such as photo, photos, photography, pictures, pics and it just goes on. Foretold by many domainers notably Berkins that the madness of this will cause confusion and the public won’t be bothered to understand it.

TLD .IO extension has been successful, built on by a community which wants to identify themselves as geniuses, cutting edge and new which demonstrates there always were enough naming options and pure domainers have made more money on that one extension than all the nGTLDs.


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The share owners of the listed company MMX are starting to eat .horse

Posted on 03 February 2019 by Graham Haynes

MMX is the owner of .vip .work .horse amongst others including .xxx which they recently acquired from ICM. It’s getting messy at MMX (Minds and Machines) as their share price drops nearly 70% from a high of 15p.  Arguments between the bulls and bears on their share chat board is getting nasty.

What is clear, they know the machination of investing in public listed companies but have very little knowledge of domains.

None of the private shareholders can understand the fall given they are posting profits and growth. From a domainers point of view, it is abundantly clear MMX are window dressing the figures to be brought out and the underlying picture is ugly. Take dot work, not any of the investors realise they are being sold at the lowest price for a domain in the universe right now at LESS than one cent and the growth in numbers they extol can all be explained away by this. MMX is not coming clean with investors that this is their strategy, and they believe they are getting $5 – $8 a name.

It is shocking their lack of knowledge of costings. The ICANN fees of $0.25 per registration and Nominet registry fees of at least $4. Given that XYZ experienced over 90% drop rate after the giveaway period, they will never be able to recover the sunken costs of the giveaway period, in the following years at $10 -20 renewal.

1 Japanese yen 0.009 dollars

The other blind spot they all have is the broader performance of new GTLDs, they still believe its a young, nascent industry and they are waiting for greater public awareness. Instead, with a little digging, it is evident that least 80% of registrations are domain speculators, especially Chinese and they are haemorrhaging money. The public has rejected them on the whole. It’s a precarious business with little upside and a lot of risks. I’m expecting the share price to drop further as domainers abandon ship for the legacy domains. Even Uniregistry the champions of nGTLDs in their State of the Industry 2019 commented ‘.com will continue to rule supreme’.

They need to be aware the SP is a reflection of the fact if you stripped out names sold for less than a cent their overall portfolio is shrinking in numbers and furthermore the market is in steady decline and still got a way to go. Maybe the SP is a little high at 5p.

For transparency, I don’t own shares in MMX and never have worked or involved in any business with them, all opinions are my own, do your own research.

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CHIPs and the X has the X-Factor. Minimum now 35,000 usd

Posted on 09 March 2018 by Graham Haynes

X hits the mark for Chinese CHIP investors.

I have been an investor in 3L.coms since 2000 and have carried a portfolio since then selling and buying over 100 along the way. My work colleagues used to think that I had an unhealthy obsession with them in the early days and I am still able to bore anyone to sleep talking about trends. Times have so changed and now my work colleagues think I was lucky or a genius but mainly it’s envy tinged with hate.
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We are doomed. The end is nigh…..Doomed Domainers

Posted on 01 February 2018 by Graham Haynes

Domainers are doomed

Since NamesCon 2018 the blogs and Namepros have been a washed with negative comments about the state of the industry. China crash, nGTLDs, poor auction results, Crypto coins sucking in dollars. A general malaise of depression.
I am much more optimistic because the underlying values are stronger than ever. Let’s take China
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Bitcoins, Domains, Terrorism & Hurricanes.

Posted on 10 September 2017 by Graham Haynes

If you ever want an example of how the news dictates our thinking, Hurricane Irma and Harvey are your touch stones.
Think of the biggest weather disaster in the last 14 days and most would think of the two hurricanes hitting the US but both pale into insignificance to the recent Moonson floods in South Asia, death toll now over 1,200, 1.5 million buildings destroyed, 10s thousands of schools and hospitals have gone and 40 million people affected. It hardly gets a mention on the mainstream news in Europe or US.
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The State of the Domaining Industry – Summer/Fall 2017 Edition

Posted on 24 August 2017 by Andrei

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, been working a LOT on my new book (almost finished btw) and dabbling in crypto here and there (like quite a few other domainers it seems haha).

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Why Can’t Brokers Simply Aim Higher?

Posted on 16 March 2017 by Andrei

As a broker, I’ve noticed that those who submit domains along with prices for consideration frequently say something along the lines of “let’s just start by aiming higher and then we’ll see” and from their perspective, it seems logical. After all, sellers want to extract as much money as possible but there are two more parties involved: the broker and the buyer.
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If You Like LLL Dot Nets…

Posted on 03 March 2017 by Andrei

… then you should keep a close eye on NameJet for the remainder of the week. Lots of LLL dot nets are being sold, with a batch of auctions ending within 24 hours, another batch in a day and 17 hours, another in 2 days and 17 hours and another in 3 days and 17 hours.
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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 41

Posted on 08 May 2016 by Andrei

I’m literally in firesale mode right now and today’s newsletter has it all: -edited: the domains have been removed-. Something on today’s list for everyone.

Here’s the full text of the newsletter and as always, the domains will be removed within 48-ish hours so as not to get indexed:

“I’ve never offered these domains at such low prices before, motivated to move inventory!

Let’s get right down to business:

-edited: the domains have been removed-

Payment via (buyer pays fee) or PayPal (add 3% if you cannot pay via masspay or “send to friend”).

To let me know which domain(s) you want, reply to this email or send a message to

Take care,

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