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You’ll Never Get Anything If You Don’t Ask!

Posted on 07 March 2019 by Andrei

Time and time again, this way of thinking proves to be wise, at least in my case. When it comes to anything from domains to real estate negotiations, it makes sense to get outside your comfort zone and even if you think you’re being too aggressive… just ask.

I was involved in a negotiation this week for something I didn’t really *want* but I knew it was a decent opportunity. However, since I wasn’t really all that motivated, I felt I had nothing to lose and made a very, very low offer.

When it wasn’t accepted, I thanked the other party for their time and wished them all the best. A couple of hours later, I got a call that they changed their mind and decided to accept my offer, sealed the deal yesterday.

The thing is, our brains want to keep us safe more than anything else. As such, they’ll fight anything that takes us outside our comfort zone and the idea of asking for something that you think would be too good of a deal for you doesn’t represent an exception.

In my opinion, you need to have an “AHA!” moment and realize that while your brain’s defense mechanisms are more than justified evolutionary (being afraid to pet a tiger is a good thing, ask our ancestors!), in today’s complex world, your brain can end up being the very thing that stands between you and a good deal.

I’d strongly recommend deciding to no longer think this or that is out of your league, whether it’s a partnership with someone you perceive as being higher up the ladder than you or an acquisition.

Am I saying you’ll always succeed?


Am I saying you’ll usually succeed?

Probably not.

But think of it from a best case/worst case perspective:

A) What’s the best thing that could happen? Well, you might end up on the receiving end of a truly awesome opportunity, one you would have been to afraid to pursue in the past… tempting!

B) What’s the worst thing that could happen? In most cases, just someone saying no… not pleasant by any means, but you’ll survive 🙂

I really believe people need to try rewiring their brains this way, as in my opinion, the risk/reward ratio is usually asymmetrically in your favor in such cases!

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  1. AbdulBasit Says:

    Totally agree with you. While reading I simply recalled some great opportunities I’ve got in domaining over the years which was not possible from general perspective but I’d to try and see if it worked out and to my surprise it has worked several times. So there is no harm in giving a shot.

    On the flip side, if you don’t ask $$$$ you want for the domain, you won’t get ever. No one is going to pay you single penny extra if you won’t ask for it.

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