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Why Do People (Ad)Block Innovation?

Posted on 08 December 2012 by Andrei

There are a lot of great ideas on the Internet and there are a lot of blatantly stupid ones. It’s hard to figure out what the #1 most stupid idea is because there are so many contenders but Adblock is definitely one of the most powerful candidates. The concept behind Adblock is not only stupid, it’s also extremely dangerous because it makes people think that ads = bad and that’s ridiculous!

Do you want innovation?

Do you want quality information?

Well guess what, these things cost MONEY.

M-O-N-E-Y… you know, the stuff people use to buy things!

There’s nothing I dislike more than seeing others *demand* innovation/quality information/whatever but when it’s time to reward the person/company that offers it, a lot of people step back.

“Ads suck” is a common “cool” thing that people often say.

And it’s usually the same people who don’t donate, who don’t buy anything and who are more vocal than everyone else when it comes to criticizing.

That’s just plain wrong.

I love ads, I love monetization in general.

I want to see people make money.

I want those who innovate to become rich, I want them to make more and more… and more money.

Why? Well because they deserve it and because I believe in rewarding quality/innovation.

I’m from Eastern Europe and countries like mine which used to be run by communists have a very sad track record of not rewarding or punishing innovation. What did we learn from that? We learned that it doesn’t work!

Dear Internet users, don’t make the same mistake.

By using Adblock, you’re not being cool. You’re not being interesting. You’re not being special. You’re not being original. You’re not being a rebel. You’re not being any of that.

You’re simply proving that you don’t believe in rewarding people who innovate.

Bad idea!

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