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Should a seller be able to remove a sales listing after entering into a Buy-It-Now agreement with a buyer prior to receiving payment?…

Posted on 26 April 2024 by NamePros Daily

Today: Should a seller be able to remove a sales listing after entering into a Buy-It-Now agreement with a buyer prior to receiving payment?… / Marketplaces to sell .in domains… / Showcase and Discuss your Bullion Domain Names and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Should a seller be able to remove a sales listing after entering into a Buy-It-Now agreement with a buyer prior to receiving payment?… – What say you? Is it an ethical or unethical decision to remove a domain that had a buyer agree to purchase at the price it was listed for, but then change one’s mind prior to payment and remove the listing so the buyer couldn’t pay for it?

Has anyone had a domain show up in their Godaddy account that they do not own? – Well, have you? Take a look at what happened with one domain name investor and share your own experience.

Showcase and Discuss your Bullion Domain Names – Do you own any bullion related domain names? If so, share some of the best ones in your portfolio and take a peek at what other bullion domain name investors own.

Marketplaces to sell .in domains… – When it comes to reselling .in ccTLD’s, what is your favorite place to list them for sale? Check out where some resellers are listing their .in domains with the best success rates and share your favorite platforms.

3L .CO and .IO & one word .IO – Do you have any three-letter .co or .io ccTLD’s in your portfolio? What about a single-word .io? If so, this could be an opportunity at some fast cash in your wallet.

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Do You Ever Stop Being a Domainer?

Posted on 01 September 2018 by Andrei

My career path has been… well, weird.

My second book ended up becoming a Wall Street Journal and USA Today besteller, so I’m “obviously” (the operative word) an author.

My YouTube channel is doing better and better (~31,500 subscribers), so I’m a YouTuber as well, just as obviously.

However, in my case, crypto tends to generate more revenue than book sales and YouTube-related stuff, so I am (you’ve guessed it: obviously) a crypto investor.

What about domaining? Well, I’ve been blogging here on DomainingTips since 2009 (!!!), have done quite well over the years and have more friends in domaining than in any other industry. OBVIOUSLY, I’m a domainer 🙂

But do you ever stop being a domainer, deep down inside at least?

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The Entitlement of a Dying* Industry

Posted on 21 May 2018 by Andrei

In the eyes of most domainers, a blogger needs to be someone willing to work for peanuts (or preferably $0), who doesn’t care if he’s respected or not and on the contrary, shows gratitude for the privilege of being publicly ridiculed by his peers whenever he screws up. In other words, the ideal domain blogger is a masochist.

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Domaining and… Entitlement

Posted on 07 September 2017 by Andrei

The fact that DomainSherpa is saying goodbye is awful news for the industry. I haven’t interacted with Mike all that much but when I have, he always struck me as a great guy with awesome work ethic.

Our first interaction involved him asking me if I want to hop on for an interview (I think this was during year #1 of DomainSherpa) but back then, I was very insecure about not being a native English speaker and afraid that people who were used to my good writing would be disappointed by the imperfections of my accent and stuff like that. Very funny to remember these things in light of the fact that I guess I’m among other things a vlogger nowadays, with me recording myself 3x per week over at my channel… ah, the weird ironies of life 🙂

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Can’t Believe I’ve Never Been to a Domaining Conference

Posted on 20 March 2017 by Andrei

I’ve been in the industry for a loooong time but strangely enough, I’ve never been to a conference.

I read about the good time people are having, friends tell me it’s about time I started attending these events on Skype and so on, yet I still don’t go.
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Let’s Not Forget to Keep Things Civil!

Posted on 09 March 2017 by Andrei

Earlier today, Shane made a point I consider valid: yes, we can criticize Frank for the Uniregistry decisions which are definitely not domainer-friendly (I’ve done it myself yesterday) but far too frequently in this industry, we forget to keep things civil! There’s a huge difference between criticizing and demonizing in my opinion.
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Quality vs. Noise on the Reseller Market

Posted on 26 February 2017 by Andrei

Earlier this week, I’ve mentioned that perhaps Sedo should turn GreatDomains into a “once per season” (4 times per year) thing rather than a monthly event so as to be able to put more appealing inventory on the table. Perhaps an attitude like this benefits the reseller market as a whole and I’m practicing what I preach here with my own newsletter.
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Slow Motion Train Wreck

Posted on 10 October 2016 by Andrei

I gave new gTLDs what I consider to be a fair chance.

Some readers asked me to submit a proverbial verdict as soon as they started going live. I refused because I wanted to gather data first, which I did.
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I’m Not Thrilled About the Two US Election Candidates :(

Posted on 02 October 2016 by Andrei

I’ve just finished publishing a one minute video (HERE it is) through which I’ve analyzed the 1st Trump-Clinton debate from an economic perspective (if you find it useful, I’d really appreciate it if you could share it with others through facebook or other methods).
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Enom, NameCheap, Moniker and Others DESPERATELY Need a Safer Push System

Posted on 08 July 2016 by Andrei

The current push system these companies (these three were the first I thought of, there may very well be several more) have is, quite frankly, nothing short of dangerous.

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