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This Week’s Top 10 Emoji.Horse Domain Sales

Posted on 01 April 2019 by Andrei

… or why we can’t even use new gTLDs for April Fools’ Day purposes 🙂

Seriously, with new gTLD domainer to domainer sales being so darn rare, this headline is so hard to believe that not even the most gullible newbie domainers would take it seriously.

In other words, here we are, in the FIFTH year of ICANN’s glorious new gTLD experiment and we can’t even use most of them to get a good laugh out of people… if nothing else, I believe this makes it clear on just how many levels this entire new gTLD thing has failed.

Could things have been different?

I don’t know, maybe.

At the very least, they could have been a little bit less ridiculous. Perhaps they could have:

A) released a LOT less new gTLDs, as in less than 10% of the current number

B) decided not to release confusingly similar strings… if you want a good joke, forget about this post’s title, just think about the fact that some people thought it would be a great idea for .Law, .Lawyer, .Lawyers, .Attorney, .Attorneys, .Legal, .Esq and maybe even others that I forgot about to co-exist… what could possibly go wrong, right?

C) try to avoid extreme pricing confusion: is this a premium registration fee *and* premium renewal fee domain? Or just a one-time premium registration fee name? Perhaps domain promo which involves a low registration fee but is followed by premium renewal fees? What do you mean I have to give you a kidney to renew the name?

… so, yeah.

Honestly, this entire train wreck left a very bitter taste in my mouth, just felt like a huge money grab from start to finish. Again, I have nothing against the idea of releasing new strings, knock yourself out. Am I going to invest in them? Probably not. But still, nothing against this idea.

But the execution… it still makes me cringe, several years after the launch. I can’t even think of a word that does it justice, “epic fail” is nowhere near representative enough. Maybe one of you is an astrophysicist and can come up with a metaphor as to the multi-dimensional failure this entire thing ended up being.

For investors, of course.

I’m sure some developers are happy with their new gTLDs, nothing wrong with that. Hey, I even kinda-sorta thought about starting a personal blog on “Andrei.Horse” with the slogan “That’s What She Said” but my wife didn’t find the concept amusing 🙂

So, just in case non-domainers land on DomainingTips after performing a Google search and end up reading this post, I just want to clarify that it refers exclusively to new gTLDs as investment options for people who want to invest in domains.

But even if you’re a developer, I’m sure there are several aspects that pertain to new gTLDs that make you cringe. If you just want to rely on search traffic and don’t care about branding, great… but if you’re in it for the long haul and care about creating a solid brand on let’s say “Best.Lawyer”, I don’t think you’ll be happy that many people who maybe hear about you on the radio will land on Best.Lawyers, Best.Attorney, Best.Attorneys… or, of course,

In the end, whether you’re a domainer, end user, developer or something else, I guess the common denominator here is that this entire thing could have and should have been run in a much, much, MUCH, M-U-C-H more coherent and professional manner.

C’est la vie…

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  1. Snoopy Says:

    Changing the way they were launched would not have effected the outcome. They were destined to fail. Only thing that would have changed things would be if Icann invented a time machine back to 1985 and launched them then!

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