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The Lack of “New Blood”?

Posted on 05 March 2019 by Andrei

Etymologically speaking, the term “newbie”or “noob” might derive from “new blood” and I’ve chosen it for this title because in my opinion, our industry needs new blood desperately for it to even be called an industry.

Yes, “veterans” love making fun of beginners for their acquisition mistakes and all that but… frankly, the reseller market is witnessing first-hand what happens when “new blood” (those who are interested in making money online by investing) no longer considers domaining an attractive destination.

Nowadays, even after the humongous crash, it’s still all about crypto and while you might think it’s time to celebrate because there is less capital bidding against you at domain auctions… this might just be a curse disguised as a blessing for many reasons such as:

A) Less and less liquidity on the reseller market. Now there are certain domainers who are wealthy enough not to care about this. They only sell to end users and have a robust enough nest egg set aside so that if something like a medical emergency arises, they don’t need to liquidate domains on the reseller market. Most people, however, are not as fortunate and if you end up needing quick capital in a dry reseller market… good luck with that!

B) Less of a voice. The less influential an industry becomes, the less its voice matters and a few years from now, people would have told you you’re crazy if you would have predicted Verisign’s major attitude change when it comes to domainers, our most talented allies such as Phil Corwin moving on to greener pastures, etc.

C) Less critical mass when it comes to domaining-related projects. Even a few years ago, it was hard to do well with a business that catered primarily to domainers… don’t expect it to get any easier, on the contrary!

D) Less (or no) new leaders. My generation of domainers was spoiled because quite a few “old timers” were more than willing to generously share information free of charge. Unfortunately, I have it on good authority that they’re not immortal and with no new leaders being eager to fill the proverbial void, future generations of domainers won’t be as privileged as I have been

… I’m sure you get the point.

I wish I could do more through this post other than just (hopefully articulately) state the obvious but I really do believe there’s a ton of value in no longer minimizing the issue of “new blood” or “hotness” when it comes to domaining.

I have no idea what a solution to this problem would look like, but who knows! Despite domainers not always being nice to one another and despite the many shortcomings of our industry, there are a ton of talented individuals around who might be able to take this conversation to the next level!

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  1. Mark Says:

    Unfortunately, domaining is an individual sport.
    Also, what worked 10-20 years ago, doesn’t always work today.

    Domain rules change, terminology changes, tech changes, new generations (Millennials), Google forces changes, GDPR and so on.

    But what is always relevant, is the future. You have to invest in tomorrow.
    Easier said than done, I know.
    You might not get in on the ground floor of something, but at least be aware
    of what is around the corner. You can still make money this way, even with

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