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The Internet Has Changed… and Is Changing!

Posted on 26 March 2019 by Andrei

I found myself spending a bit of time on TikTok today, an app primarily used by kids, tweens and so on… basically a platform through which people publish short funny videos and stuff like that.

Something struck me like lightning: it’s just ridiculous how much traffic this one app that I didn’t even know existed had. You see kids who become instant-celebrities in the blink of an eye. Random quirky funny vids that get millions of “hearts” and the list could go on and on.

I firmly believe that at least once a month or so, domainers should download the hottest app(s) and see just what’s working online these days… in my opinion, it will be an eye-opening experience.

Now don’t get me wrong, there have been “Internet sensations” and “wiz kid” case studies let’s say ten years ago as well… but nowadays, more and more, it’s becoming straightforward. Almost institutionalized, really. One platform after another is giving people the change to tap into a humongous user base and create a career just like that.

Now, of course, as Rick Schwartz points out… if you live by social media, you might just die by social media. And he’s spot on in that there are also very sad case studies involving flavor of the month online celebrities that died along with their platform… remember Vine? Yeah… 🙁

Therefore, this entire equation00 needs to be taken with a grain of salt and I do believe that among other things, this experiment that I’m suggesting (should you choose to try it) will illustrate that domains aren’t going anywhere and that there’s an Internet freedom-defining role that comes with them. While TikTok or any other social media app can ban you just like that with little to no recourse, domains are a lot harder to ban/take down. Not impossible, just a lot harder.

On the other hand though, unlike domains where the burden of carving your own little niche lies exclusively on you, social media sites do enable you to tap into a ridiculously large audience pool just like that and take advantage of the *existing* eyeballs each platform has.

At the end of the day, I believe your conclusion will coincide with mine: that domains and social media can complement one another nicely but that if you aren’t doing your very best to understand the social media phenomenon in a truly meaningful manner… you’re doing your career as a domainer a disservice!

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