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The Complete List of Two Character Donuts New gTLDs I Have Bought

Posted on 11 September 2015 by Andrei

As some of you already know, Donuts has released a *lot* of two character domains through a Dutch auction approach similar to their Early Access Program. In other words, they start at a high price and as time passes, the price is lowered if nobody buys.

According to Shane, there are about 200,000 names to choose from.

The complete list can be found here.

With that stated, here is the complete list of two character Donuts new gTLDs I have bought so far:

… crickets…

… more crickets….


On a more serious note, I’m sorry to have to say this but the value proposition is extremely poor at this point in time IMO.

Maybe I would have gotten some if the registration and/or renewal prices would have been low and by low, I mean “dot com level” low or thereabouts.

Some domainers will probably go after some names once the prices are lowered but I fail to see reasons to get excited.

Donuts aren’t doing anything wrong.

They’re extracting as much money out of this as possible, fair enough.

But as a domainer, while I respect their right to do just that, I also have rights and the most important one is the right to just say no.

In my opinion, sooner rather than later, new gTLD registration/renewal fees will go down quite a bit.

And as was the case with Dot TV back in March 2010 IIRC, that’s when more people might start making money.

I was one of the domainers who did ok-ish with Dot TV in the post-2010 phase. Nothing spectacular by any means but ok-ish nonetheless.

Will I dive in once new gTLD registration/renewal prices go down significantly?

Probably not, as the landscape is different to put it mildly. Unless we’ll be talking about screaming bargains, I’ll probably stay away.

As far as the present is concerned however, I for one see no compelling reasons to be excited about new gTLDs as an investor.

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  1. Tom Says:

    I have seen you try to sell your portfolio many times in the gtld space, barely a nibble, these idiots who are pushing these 2 letter gtlds, are all being sponsored by such companies, and the premiums are massive that do not equate into the domain investing equation.

    These are annual premiums, that need to be paid on a continuing basis, let alone many single letters which would be even more desirable, and brand centric still sit unregistered.

  2. Samit Says:

    $3k registration + $3k renewal, which means if you hold a domain for 5 years, you need $15k just to recover costs.

    Thanks but no thanks, I’d rather spend $15k on a great .com, easier to sell, brilliant for development.

    I own exactly 0 newtlds – don’t like anything enough to register, specially not at these premiums! Guess I’ll wait for the drops and price reductions like Rick.

  3. Rubens Kuhl Says:

    Unless the TLD is one everybody wants, like .com, it’s very difficult to raise registration / renewal fees, even if the market would otherwise accept the new price if it was the initial price. So, it’s somewhat to be expected that registries err in the side of charging more, later adjusting the price down a bit (or a lot).