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Quick Sunday Tip: Calculate How Much You “Work”

Posted on 15 January 2012 by Andrei

A lot of us earn a living online and it’s easy to say things like “wow, I can’t believe I worked x hours in a row” but in reality, how much did you really work? Seriously, how much did you really work if we define “work” as something that either makes you money now or will help you make money in the future (gaining knowledge, for example).

Try an experiment and over the next couple of days, have a pen and a piece of paper nearby to analyze your activity the “old school” way.

And in case you were wondering what I mean by “gaining knowledge”, I’m referring to reading articles or watching videos that genuinely help you from a business perspective.

Reading a blog post about domaining or a thread on a domaining forum about something related to our industry qualifies. Reading political discussions and things like that on domaining blogs or domaining forums (let’s face it, they do tend to appear every now and then) doesn’t.

And let’s not even mention funny youtube videos or other similar activities, I’m sure you know which category they fall into. Be honest with yourself and you’ll be able to manage your time a lot better without buying time management books and what not 🙂

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