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One Frequently Overlooked Downside Associated With Using Too Many Registrars

Posted on 12 September 2015 by Andrei

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to put all of your eggs in the same basket, I’m all for diversification… within reason.

On the other hand though, most domainers work with too many registrars and this decision can come back to haunt you. Today, I’d like to refer to one problem which can arise if you work with too many registrars: an email-related one.

This happened to me before and is pretty common: using an email address you don’t check frequently for one of the registrars you work with and thereby not responding to end user offers in a timely manner.

I’m all for not showing end users that you’re desperate by not replying *too* quickly but on the other hand, if you reply after three weeks or a month, there’s a high likelihood that the end user in question moved on. As embarrassing as it is to admit it, this happened to me before and it’s anything but pleasant.

Now sure, this problem has a quick fix: updating your contact details and making sure the same email address is being used but the more registrars you work with, the more likely it is that you’ll screw up at least once. If you won an expired domain auction, don’t forget to move the domain to one of your main registrars rather than leaving it with a let’s call it “exotic” company.

Don’t be one of the domainers who has lots and lots of registrar accounts with 1-2 names.

Just don’t.

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