Niche and keyword trends that are hot and in demand

Posted on 03 February 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: .com is not “king” anymore /Looking for Premium .COM’s Only! /  Why expiration dates are important / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Wallet Domains & Discussion – Share your best wallet domain name(s) here and see what other wallet investors are buying up to hold for the right end-user. If you have some niche wallet related stats to share, that would be great.

Movement in the markets – Has anyone heard any juicy news yet about where the .pro registry stands on domains? Currently registered domains were allowed to remain in the possession of registrants and all new registrations were closed. When will it reopen registration? – Do domains like have any value at all in today’s markets? I’m just not feeling this one. Even if it was .com it would be questionable in value. What are your thoughts?

Looking for Premium .COM’s Only! – Share your premium .com’s you are willing to sell in the $1k range. This investor has is ready to buy quality premium domain names at wholesale/reseller prices.

.com is not “king” anymore – How do you feel about this claim? Is .com losing its grip on the market? Are the new gTLDs finally starting to reach new highs and break records?

Why expiration dates are important – Care to share your take on why expiration dates are so important to some people in the investment sector of the domain industry?

Niche and keyword trends that are hot and in demand – Gather up your research data and share it with other like-minded niche domain investors looking to ride the next tidal wave into great returns on their investments.

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