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Let’s Talk About the Brexit and Its Long-Term Implications for a Moment

Posted on 01 July 2016 by Andrei

Yes, I know this is a domaining blog but today, I’d like to refrain from talking about five number dot horse domains and cover perhaps the most important historic event of the 21st century so far: the fact that in the United Kingdom, citizens have voted to leave the European Union.

First of all, for those of you who don’t know what will theoretically happen next, I’ll share a link to my most recent One Minute Economics video, a video about the Brexit and what happens next.

That can be our starting point.

As the name of my YouTube channel suggests, the video isn’t long, a minute of your time is all it takes.

What worries me personally more than the technical aspect (the actual exit of the UK will be a bureaucratic nightmare, there’s no doubt about that) is the fact that more and more people are starting to hate each other.

Hate against immigrants.

Hate against muslims.

You name it.

Unfortunately, looking back at history, nothing good comes out of such situations.

Here’s a challenge: brush up on your history and especially on what triggered past wars, including the last global conflict, WW2.

You’ll notice a pattern.

A lot of times, it starts with a financial calamity such as the Great Depression of 1929 (I have a video about the Great Depression of 1929 on my channel as well).

Then, countries start devaluating their currencies. For example, by going off the gold standard (I’m not saying the gold standard is good or bad, I’m just illustrating what happened). One of my future videos will be about the gold standard.

Next, citizens who are angry because life isn’t what it used to be want to find someone to blame. Minorities represent easy targets. From Jews to Muslims, from immigrants to whomever else. Hate starts taking over and opportunistic politicians sense this right away. If it’s hate people want, it’s hate politicians will give them. Charismatic extremists generate more and more attention, perhaps they even come to power. One such example is obviously Hitler. These extremists start implementing protectionist policies. Inhibiting international trade, burning bridges and so on.

Eventually, something snaps geo-politically and a full-blown conflict starts.

Now please think about the present for just one moment, I’d be very surprised if this exercise won’t give you at least some goosebumps.

Did we have an economic calamity? Yes, we had the Great Recession of 2007-2008 (I have a video about the ’07-’08 Global Financial Crisis, aka the Great Recession, on my One Minute Economics channel).

Did countries start trying to devalue their currencies? Yes, they did this by pumping money into the system through programs called Quantitative Easing in the US, LTRO and later APP in Europe, Abenomics in Japan and so on. In other words, through monetary easing, about which I also have a video on the channel

Is a protectionist trend starting to emerge? Oh yeah. Not only is it *starting* to emerge, it’s actually very strong. The Brexit is just one example but throughout Europe, protectionist movements have been gaining tremendous ground. Even in the United States, people are aggressively talking about closing the borders and so on. Protectionism is on the rise.

I don’t even want to think about what happens next.

But I can’t help it because I’m an economist and this is what I’m supposed to do.

I’ll let you draw the final conclusion and upon reading this, ask yourself what comes next if humanity doesn’t change course. I personally had my share of goosebumps writing this.

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  1. Jan Says:

    If politicians are responsible and respond to the anxieties of the people with sensible policy the situation will improve and life will go on as normal.

    The nightmare scenario is that politicians will continue to live in their elite bubble and brand every anxious person as a vile racist who should not be listened at all.

    There are actually really serious problems in many European countries.

    In UK there was the Rotherham scandal where muslim immigrants raped a total of 1400 girls and women and the police and social services did absolutely nothing for years because they were completely paralysed By political correctness and were afraid of being branded racists if they did their jobs.
    In the UK there has been also many islamists preaching hate against the west as shown By several undercover documentaries and several hate crimes By muslims against indigenous brits.
    Disturbingly large percentage of UK muslims want sharia law and state that their living areas are “muslim areas” where outsiders aka regular white/black brits are NOT welcome.

    Also eastern European countries have been solving their unemployment problem By sending their unemployed to the UK where it has been possible to work a bit and then start living of the society and get drunk on cheap booze.
    Likewise eastern European countries have been solving their mental health problems By deranged people moving to the UK. There have been many cases where the eastern European in question has actually been institutionalized in their home country and ends up in UK and commits horrific crimes.
    Similar situation has been happening with Gypsies from Romania ja Bulgaria where they are encouraged to move to UK.

    For Germany Merkel’s “everybody is welcome” insanity is responsible for the mass sexual harrassment and rapes of even little children in parks and swimming halls By asylum seekers.
    German society is at breaking point and there are angry people actually booing ministers openly By the hundreds where they come to speak.

    When it comes to Sweden the Swedish government has a total blackout on the ethnicity or nationality of the rapists but the rape statistics show that Sweden has the most rapes in the world after South Africa and situation has developed in the last 15 years with mass immigration.
    Sweden has ghettoes where police, fire brigade and ambulances are routinely Stones and cars and schools set ablaze By unemployed mostly muslim “youth”.

    It is an unresponsiblde and dangerous policy to welcome everybody who claims “persecution” without limits like Germany and Sweden have done.

    It is irresponsible to not remove residence permits and recently granted citizenships from people who commit horrific crimes, these kinds of people should be deported but currently many European countries have unbelievably naive soft touch.

    It is irresbonsible to not look after the native citizens of the country first and foremost.
    Britain has betrayed both black brits and white brits with the rush to import east european workers and native britons unemployed.

    It is irresponsible to let the situation develop where there are no more resources because those eastern europeans who do not take jobs from native brits still end up living in UK and living on the dole because of the bureaucrats and politicians stupid inaction.

    Most irresponsible thing the politicians have done is continually give more and more power to EU-bureaucrats so they could run behind the back of EU and say that “EU did it” for every stupid decisions because the original failure weas giving the powers to the EU in ther first Place.

    Democracy needs checks and balances and voters have to have the option of firing every politician through the ballot box.
    EU does not have this option therefore it is more like Soviet Politbyro.

  2. Kevin Murphy Says:

    At least you don’t have to live here and suffer the consequences mate.

    Or maybe you do. In which case GET OUT!!!

  3. R corbs Says:

    All we need is Donald trump to win the presidency then it’s game over!