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I’m an Optimistic Realist

Posted on 28 December 2012 by Andrei

In life, I’d advise against being the type of person who *only* thinks about negative aspects but on the other hand, not being realistic can have repercussions which can be just as severe. As someone who earns a living online, you’re constantly bombarded by the two extremes and that’s dangerous to say the least.

Both extremes cloud your judgement.

By being a self-proclaimed pessimist who worries all day, you might miss out on the calculated risks which can improve your life dramatically.

On the other hand, if you’re way too optimistic, the opposite might happen and you might lose way more than you should due to the fact that you haven’t calculated the risks involved in one decision or another in a realistic manner.

Personally, I choose to be an optimistic realist.

On the one hand, I’m not afraid to try new things and whenever a risk-reward ratio seems attractive, I go for it.

On the other hand though, I don’t put all of my eggs in the same basket and apply what I consider a very well put together money management strategy when it comes to my businesses as well as investments.

We’re dealing with unprecedented economic conditions and since you invested a minute of your time to read this post, it might be a good idea to grab a pen + piece of paper and invest a bit more time in order to clearly define the way you see things and the approach you deem appropriate.

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