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How Will New gTLDs Affect Dot Net and Dot Org Values?

Posted on 21 August 2013 by Andrei

When it comes to dot coms, I’m sure most of you agree that the effect of new gTLDs will probably be positive, consolidating its position as the market leader. I’m sure a lot of new gTLDs will be profitable but they can easily be extremely profitable without surpassing dot coms and, in fact, I honestly doubt any new gTLD operator thinks surpassing dot coms is even within the realm of possibility.

But when it comes to dot net and dot org domains, it’s a bit more tricky.

Will they be perceived as “established” / “proven” TLDs and therefore appreciate in value or will they lose their “not a dot com but the next best thing” appeal?

I’ll write a post about this later this week or next week.

For now, I’m interested in your opinions 🙂

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  1. Aaron Strong Says:

    I am on the side that believes net and org will rise in value. Premium and exact match names in the net and org extensions will see values rise….These are the original aged extensions of the internet and will stay ahead of the competition because of trust….I see no value in the dot whatever extensions and would not waste one dollar on exact match or premium dot whatever’s…….My opinion is get the net and orgs now because the silver rush is coming…

  2. Jacek Says:

    In what period of time (a month, a year or 5 years) ??? There will be an effect for sure. Just look around: more and more businesses are using .CO as there is an obvious need for an alternative to .COM
    The question is: which of these sounds most natural to a potential customer:
    Everything changes and so does the popularity of gTLDs

  3. Says:

    How will new gTLDs affect .net, .org, .us etc?

    The shibboleth of the investment class, (and by investment class I don’t mean the hardcore professionals, I’m referring to people who buy things to use in the hope that such things will increase in value in the future) is usually proactive, and not reactive. For example, people buy umbrellas before it rains.

    Following that narrative, new gTLDs are now known by most internet savvy individuals, especially the internet domain name professionals, and those who are considered crackerjacks, facile, adroit, virtuoso… they know the release is imminent; so whatever you see now is close to the zenith of the effect, give or take a few sputter here and there.

    If it will rain new gTLDs tomorrow, so I’d assume those who know that, and care about not getting wet, would buy a gTLD umbrella today.

  4. IMHO Says:

    gtlds are stupid. they will a bridge to nowhere. anything is better including .org and .net, but those too suck. IMHO, .com is the only way to go.

  5. Konstantinos Zournas Says:

    .org is still great and will be in the future.
    I don’t care much about .net.

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