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How Many New gTLD Domains Do You Want to Buy in 2014?

Posted on 08 June 2014 by Andrei

I’ve been pretty picky thus far, with 34 new gTLD domains (as mentioned in my 4 case study updates: update1, update2, update3 and update4) acquired up until this point.

By the end of 2014, I will probably end up owning about 100.

After that, we’ll see.

As far as those 100-ish new gTLDs are concerned, I’m willing to keep them renewed even in the absence of sales and even if I’ll see no sales this year, I’ll probably add to my portfolio in 2015.

It will take time until new gTLDs go mainstream and there are no guarantees that it will happen, so your strategy has to be calibrated accordingly in my opinion.

Should I however see sales this year or in 2015, my strategy will be adjusted based on the numbers.

If I’m pretty much in the “break even” area, I will add to my portfolio in a more aggressive manner than if I see no sales at all in 2014-2015 since at this stage in the game, even breaking even would prove that there’s money to be made.

If I’ll end up above the “break even” area, I’ll start being even more aggressive as a buyer and so on.

So all in all:

1) I currently own 34 new gTLD domains and plan on owning 100-ish by the end of 2014

2) I understand that it might take time until sales start happening and that there are no guarantees

3) even in the absence of sales, I’d still add to my portfolio in 2015 but wouldn’t do it all that aggressively

4) if I break even, I’ll start being more aggressive and basically the more money I make, the more active I will be as a new gTLD buyer

What about you guys?

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  1. Lennard Says:

    I own 29 right now and will be bidding on one more (if godaddy gets it).
    Depending on what happens i would like some more.
    Some make some decent sense, I especially like the geo tldยดs like .london .berlin etc.

  2. CarronDomains Says:

    I have 60+ and will add some more by the end of the year as funds allow. Selling a few would help ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Leonard Britt Says:

    The geo and real estate TLDs sound interesting but to justify investing in new TLDs I need to see better turnover of .Net and .TV domains for more than a mere mid-$XXX – TLDs which have existed for well over a decade. So my view is it will be at least ten years before a meaningful aftermarket develops in the new TLDs. Just like we see drops in existing TLDs today, the drop market should be rather interesting several years from now. Even if a dozen new TLDs start to gain traction, there will inevitably be occasional quality drops in those extensions worth pursuing – without the need to pay renewals for the next few years for a portfolio of domains in an unproven extension.

  4. AbdulBasit Makrani Says:


  5. Raymond Says:

    I collect 23 so far….planning to collect more if names are right.

  6. abc Says:


  7. Viljami Says:

    2 .CLUBs so far. Might buy a few more, will see.

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