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Happy… Safer Internet Day?

Posted on 05 February 2019 by Andrei

As of 2003, the “Safer Internet Day” is celebrated on the 5th of February each year. If nothing else, it at least gives us a decent enough opportunity to at least think about how secure our experience on the Internet is.

Perhaps it’s time for a “domaining edition” 🙂

In other words, why not spend a minute or so thinking about your current security protocols as a domain investor and what (if anything) could be done to improve them:

  1. First and foremost, PLEASE use Two-Factor Authentication (commonly referred to as 2FA) whenever this option is offered to you. If your registrar offers this option, take advantage of it. If you have this option when logging into your email account (at the very least your most important account or accounts), take advantage of it. Think about it: by adding another layer of security to the “username + password” dimension, you’re making it a lot harder for those with malicious intentions to compromise your account(s). Use whichever 2FA option works best for you: SMS, phone calls, Google Authenticator, the list could go on and on… just do SOMETHING!
  2. Secondly, don’t be an excessively cheap bastard (and this is coming from a proud self-proclaimed cheap bastard!) and at least buy a decent antivirus package… it won’t break the bank and while by no means a guarantee, it’s at least better than nothing
  3. Understand that not even the best antivirus in the world can protect you against yourself… more specifically, against your dangerous browsing habits. If you think watching certain types of movies (wink-wink) on your work laptop is A-OK just because you’ve purchased antivirus software, think again. In my opinion, common sense is far, far more effective than software when it comes to protecting you
  4. Whenever you’re typing in sensitive data, develop the habit of checking the URL bar and making sure you’re on the right website. This is especially important if we’re talking about websites related to let’s say crypto or another industry where phishing threats are more widely spread
  5. Don’t let other people use your computer unless you absolutely have to… you can be the most prudent Internet user out there but if you let your buddy use your laptop to watch movies online on shady websites…. yeah, bad idea!
  6. Be careful and picky when it comes to Wi-Fi networks. Personally, I’ve never used the Wi-Fi network of let’s say a public restaurant or anything along those lines. You can tether your phone, use a mobile modem or figure something else out, use your imagination

… I’ll end this list here, but feel free to add to it.

In my opinion, people in general and domainers in particular don’t exactly have the habit of thinking about online security all that much, at least not until they have a darn “good” reason to, like a security breach, virus infection, ransomware situation and so on.

Don’t take Internet security for granted, just don’t!

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