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SIGNIFICANT Gold/Silver Price Dips

Posted on 23 September 2011 by Andrei

Silver fell 25% over the past two days and gold is down 15% compared to its record-breaking $1,923.7/ounce September 6 value. Now I know this post isn’t about domain auctions, ICANN policies and so on but in my opinion, it’s good to at least acknowledge a few “outside world” things every now and then as a domain investor 🙂

That’s it, just wanted to let you guys know, I don’t want to bore you with a long post. Lots of people/publications are in a far better position than me to analyze this situation, Google is your friend.

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  1. David Reischer Says:

    It is clear that government spending will not be reigned in. The Federal Reserve, Primary dealers, and corrupt politicians will bring this country to ruins. Buy gold, silver, and junior miners for protection. Quality domains too, of course.

  2. Jp Says:

    Also worth noting that after the bell the CME hiked margin requirements for gold, silver, copper between 16-21 percent.

    Talk about corrupt, many wall street insiders knew this margin hike was coming and frontran the market.

    So is the crooked world we live in.

    The beauty of .com domains is that they are all unique and wall street banking cartel cannot manipulate the prices

  3. David Reischer Says:

    These bankers and politicians should be put on trial for treason. I am not against a good lynching. Bernanke, Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, Geitner,…. all of them. The CFTC is a joke and the comex is gonna go bust one day soon. Then, maybe….the American people will wake up to the crime perpetrated upon them.

  4. Says:

    Global recession is in your doorsteps…

    Get ready…buy more .com and .co assets…don’t buy shares…

  5. businessman Says:

    when we look at the gold and silver price graph over last one year their prices have been always increasing. Thats mean it is time to buy gold and domains too 🙂

  6. vending machines los angeles Says:

    Off late everyone wonder to see the ups and downs in silver/gold.Market not getting stable and inverters are confused about it.I hope everything will be f9 soon.

  7. Jason Thompson Says:

    Either way you look at it small investors are getting the short end of the stick. The stock market has been one roller coaster ride after another. Gold used to be a safe place to put money, but is extremely expensive right now.

    Its a challenging market, but there is money to be made. I still have confidence that things will clear up within the next year.

  8. şişme bebek Says:

    Bencede haklısın kardeşim

  9. Lessie Chamlee Says:

    Everything article claims Geithner did happened under Bush, before gw2 gold