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Finally a big TV campaign for a nGTLD. Will it move the needle?

Posted on 07 February 2018 by Graham Haynes


Often bemoaned by new gTLD supporters that no marketing dollars are being invested to raise awareness. There has been reluctance from the registries to spend big on TV ads because deep down they believe it will be like pushing a piece of string uphill. Instead, they have concentrated on discounts and getting eyeballs when the end user searches for available names on the likes of Godaddy.

Well MMX the operator of Dot London have pushed a national TV campaign in the UK and on the 2 largest paid for by ads channels here ITV and Channel4. No obscure satellite niche channel, this is mainstream.

The TV Ad campaign started last week.  Dot London has been very stable since its launch in 2014 and continues to have between 60k and 80k registrations. It also has a tie-up with EPIK who is promoting the space and looks to sell premium names. Worth noting MMX has been going through a strategic review, in plain English looking for a buyer over the last 9 months, this may be a push to get the numbers up and do a little window dressing. The BODs at MMX have vented their frustration about the strategic review when reporting interim results last week.

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  1. Snoopy Says:

    .Melbourne did a lot of advertising initially, got them nowhere, still around 10k reges.

  2. Graham Haynes Says:

    I agree this campaign has also been coordinated with poster ads on the London Tube and street billboards. I think its more to do with the potential buy out, to give an impression of higher numbers at good retail prices but the cost of sale is going to prove too high to maintain. But what else do you do with a damp squid? I was in Melbourne over Christmas last year and didn’t see one!

  3. Eric Lyon Says:

    Slowly but surely, new gTLDs are going mainstream and building up momentum. 🙂

  4. Jovenet Consulting Says:

    Good: new gTLDs are expanding, slowly, but they’re here…to stay.