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Dot London and Dot Global Conclusions

Posted on 10 September 2014 by Andrei

12,421 .London domains (bringing the grand total to 34,968) and 1,074 .Global domains (bringing the grand total to 1,637) were registered during the first day of General Availability.

From a financial perspective, given the fact that both extensions have registration fees in the $50 area, the results are not bad at all for the registries.

However, in both cases (especially Dot London), the expectations were quite high. Dot London had a strong landrush, so a lot of people would have probably expected more than 12,421 registrations during the first day of GA.

The same way, some of you might remember that Dot Global had some premium auctions which did ok (according to the CEO, Rolf Larsen, there were about $100k in premium sales), so some domainers probably expected more from this new gTLD as well.

And as mentioned two days ago, Dot Global is a general extension such as .XYZ and .Link, so expectations were higher for this reason as well. However, since I didn’t personally go after any .Global domains, I didn’t check how high the registration fee is and assumed that it’ll be relatively cheap compared to niche new gTLD, similar to Dot XYZ/Link.

If you only look at the Dot Global numbers and disregard other variables, the results seem less than impressive but if you also factor in the high registration fees, things start looking a lot better in my opinion.

Today’s conclusions:

1) From a financial perspective, the results can be considered good
2) The registration numbers however aren’t exactly impressive

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  1. Lennard Says:

    .global is too expensive for my taste $69.99 at dynadot, that explains some of the “success” in my opinion.

  2. raymond Says:

    You can get .global for AUS$44.95 (USD$40.73) at