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Domains Are More “Portable” Than Precious Metals!

Posted on 24 March 2019 by Andrei

… just let that sink in for a moment because it’s an argument in favor of domains that you usually don’t hear all that frequently.

Let’s assume you live in Country X and things are going well enough: you own your home (zero debt), have a decent car, local stocks valued at around $25,000, precious metals worth $10,000 and a

When it comes to your, you’re kind of sad that in 2019, it’s no longer worth as much as it was in let’s say January of 2016… but that’s life, the situation is what it is.

You keep doing your thing, when all of a sudden, massive protest movements start and a revolution is shaping up, a revolution let’s say against private property… needless to say, you’re not exactly well-positioned over there and, fearing that your family might be in danger, decide to leave.

Let’s take a look at your wealth and study the implications of that decision:

A) you have to leave your home behind, your most prized possession, so that probably goes to $0

B) will you be allowed to take your car with you? Maybe… but probably not, it will most likely get confiscated at the border by the revolutionaries… $0

C) your local stocks? Well, I guess you might find someone who buys them for you at pennies on the dollar… although I’m not sure who would want to be holding them at this point in time… let’s assume you manage to sell them but only obtain $2,500 for them, not amazing when you think about how, not that long ago, they were valued at $25,000. Oh and btw, even those $2,500 might get confiscated at the border, no money for you, $0

D) your precious metals? Well, once again, the likelihood of them being confiscated at the border is sky-high, so… yeah, $0

… which leaves, you’ve guessed it, your πŸ™‚

Fortunately for you, you remember your GoDaddy login details as well as your email login info. As such, you can leave the country and “take” your domain with you without having anything physical on your person.

Therefore, ironically, that might be the only thing you have left to build a new life when all is said and done… in this specific scenario, of course. You travel to another country, sell it and the money you obtain should be enough to get you and your family a shot at a fresh start.

There are of course also scenarios in which domain values can go to $0 or almost $0… the bottom line however is that when it comes to situations such as the one I’ve just referred to, it becomes clear that one of the top selling points of domains is represented by their extreme portability.

I know, there are a lot more: brandability, end user potential, you possibly building a great business on an “instant credibility” domain and so on. Just wanted to bring a less popular selling point to your attention today and hopefully make some wheels spin πŸ™‚

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  1. Larry Says:

    They’re also less liquid than gold and value can be determined by the buyer.

  2. Unbear Says:

    Thanks for making me smile .Also it will make one to know what liquid names to invest on and can turn to fast cash incase of emergency.

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