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Domaining and… Split Testing?!?

Posted on 30 March 2019 by Andrei

As someone who also frequently wears his marketing hat rather than just his domaining one, I can tell you that the two most important words in the world of marketing are SPLIT TESTING… also called A/B testing or, generally speaking, just remember the word TESTING.

The main reason why split testing is such a dominant term among marketers is represented by the fact that you just never ever know what ends up working.

A lot of times, split testing reveals all sorts of weirdness.

I’ve analyzed landing pages which were amazingly beautiful but had depressingly low conversion rates and, the same way, I’ve come across landing pages which were cringeworthily bad but converted very, very well.

At the end of the day, as a marketer or domainer, you ultimately care about the bottom line. Not about how shiny your strategy is but rather about results, results and… results.

I truly do believe domainers will end up being grateful in the long run if they develop the habit of embracing split testing when it comes to pretty much anything related to investing in domains, including but not limited to:

A) “domain for sale” landing pages

B) negotiation replies

C) prices, anything from the last digits your prices end with to specific pricing methodology/strategy

D) domain auction bidding strategies

… the list could go on and on.

It may sound simple enough but most people just don’t do it. Be honest, how many landing page variations have you ever split tested? Or negotiation replies, or anything else related to domaining, for that matter? Based on my interactions with fellow domainers, I’ve come to accept the fact that split testing is one of those things which seem so obvious that you’d think talking about them is a waste of time… yet practically nobody truly internalizes the concept and split tests in a meaningful, sustained manner.

If you’re a data junky, I guess split testing seems natural and what I’ve just said probably doesn’t apply to you. If however you aren’t (again, a lot of people tend to call themselves data enthusiasts but don’t actually walk the walk), then you truly do need to perform a bit of domaining strategy assessment and figure out which improvements you can make on the split testing front.

I can pretty much promise that testing will reveal FACTS about your strategy that seemed anything but intuitive… but that doesn’t make them any less accurate or useful 😉

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