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Domainers Don’t Have Many Friends

Posted on 11 November 2018 by Andrei

The Verisign blog post drama makes something clear yet again, something too many domainers (especially beginners) choose to ignore: the fact that as a domainer, you don’t have many friends.

You have many entities that want to sell to you, sure, from registrars to various service providers.

But when the tide turns and it becomes more profitable to dump domainers, make no mistake, it will become clear that the loyalty is just not there.

This is just as valid when it comes to people, not just companies.

For many years, Phil Corwin has been a talented advocate of domain holder rights. He now works at Verisign.

Realistically speaking though, can you blame Phil Corwin? Or companies that move on to greener pastures?

In my opinion no, not really.

You see, the biggest enemy of the domainer is… drum roll, please: the domainer 🙂

Time and time again, our industry fails to properly reward people who are capable of serving its interests. We’re quick to demonize but when it comes to supporting someone, tend to look the other way. Then, later on, we’re shocked by the lack of loyalty toward domainers.

This, in my opinion, is the toxic pattern we need to be aware of.

From a strictly personal perspective, it makes sense not to care too much about industry leaders, not to support their projects or whatever. We all have bills to pay, families to feed and what not.

However, in the absence of proper incentives (financial but also social ones, such as feeling appreciated), these leaders will either leave or switch teams.

My only word of advice is this: before criticizing them for that, perhaps it would be wise to look in the mirror. Because, frankly, we might be digging our own graves.


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  1. Dan Says:

    who cares I have all my domains at GODADDY so it doesn’t matter. Godaddy isn’t going anywhere period so all this loud talk doesn’t matter. either you have great domains or pigeon shit.

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