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Come On GoDaddy, Fix Your WHOIS Thingy Already!

Posted on 08 May 2016 by Andrei

Maybe if we say it frequently enough, they’ll actually do it 🙂

It’s frustrating that whenever I buy a domain from someone and transfer it to GoDaddy, it retains the contact info of the seller.

I mean come on, would it be so hard to simply use the default contact info of the GoDaddy account?

Ok, I understand that people sometimes transfer their own names from another company to GoDaddy, in which case this issue isn’t much of a headache. But again, why not implement the simple fix I just mentioned (using the default info of the GoDaddy account the domain is being transferred to) and be done with it?

That would keep those who transfer their own names from somewhere else to GoDaddy as well as those who transfer a domain they bought from someone to GoDaddy happy.

People landed on the moon for crying out loud, fixing a simple whois bug shouldn’t be *that* difficult, especially for a company with a market cap of close to $5 billion!

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  1. Dan Says:

    I use Uniregistry for transfers now, their transfer section as a resolution center that tells you the state of the transfer and updates Whois in real time. Pretty cool

  2. Ned Says:

    They are still trying to figure out how to make a profit after all these years. The only reason you start a business is to make money. They are only staying afloat b/c they use all of the cash they collect upfront to pay for today’s expenses. They have never been able to get caught up after all these years. The fact of the matter is the cash they collect in advance need to pay for the servers and salary expense in those future years.

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