CHIPs and the X has the X-Factor. Minimum now 35,000 usd

Posted on 09 March 2018 by Graham Haynes

X hits the mark for Chinese CHIP investors.

I have been an investor in 3L.coms since 2000 and have carried a portfolio since then selling and buying over 100 along the way. My work colleagues used to think that I had an unhealthy obsession with them in the early days and I am still able to bore anyone to sleep talking about trends. Times have so changed and now my work colleagues think I was lucky or a genius but mainly it’s envy tinged with hate.

For those of you who also have an unhealthy obsession, I have noticed a new trend in the last 3 months, holding so many of them I have always spotted trends ahead of the market and wanted to share this one. LLL.coms CHIPs (all the letters except vowels and v) have held recently around $27,000 minimum but if you HAVE an X in position 2 or 3 then they are now $35,000 minimum, for example, HXS(.)com or HSX(.)com. What is strange is that it doesn’t hold true if the X is in the first position then the minimum $27,000 still holds.

My only thought of why this is happening and I am speaking only over the last couple of months is that cryptocurrencies are often abbreviated to 3 letters and you will find the X in the second and third positions of many. This is not an absolute rule given Ripple coin is shortened to XRP but it does hold true for a lot of the 1,500 crypto coins out there. Maybe perhaps X is just cool and looks better from a marketing viewpoint but its a trend worth watching out for and it’s coming from China.

Look at the last 2 months of publicly reported sales $222,000 $130,000 $44,700

Rather than bore my colleagues with this insight or my wife I thought I would share this with my kindred spirited domainers.


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