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Chair + Mattress

Posted on 29 December 2012 by Andrei

Today’s post will be very short and I just thought I’d write it to make it clear that there are two investments people don’t pay enough attention to: the chair they sit on and the mattress they sleep on. All in all, most individuals spend over 50% of their life sitting in a chair + sleeping on a mattress, so why are these two investments (yes, investments) frequently overlooked?

Most of us find it very easy to spend lots of money on laptops/gadgets/whatever it but the thought of spending a pretty penny on a chair or mattress seems almost outrageous.

Saving money is great and everything but making compromises when it comes to the chair you spend ~1/3 of your day sitting on or the mattress you spend ~1/3 of your day sleeping on… bad idea!

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