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Can’t Believe I’ve Never Been to a Domaining Conference

Posted on 20 March 2017 by Andrei

I’ve been in the industry for a loooong time but strangely enough, I’ve never been to a conference.

I read about the good time people are having, friends tell me it’s about time I started attending these events on Skype and so on, yet I still don’t go.

At the end of the day, I guess it all boils down to these two main reasons:

1) I may sometimes seem like an extrovert but I’m not. However, I’m not an introvert either, I guess I’m in that weird zone somewhere in the middle. As in I am an extrovert because I do love communicating, which I do a lot. Through this blog, through my YouTube videos, through Wealth Management 2.0 and the book I’m working on now and so on. However, while I do feel the need to have a voice online, I don’t feel as strong of a need for face to face conversations

2) I have a LOT going on (various different projects) and like the idea of staying in control. Maybe if I lived in the US, I’d go to some events but since I’m pretty far away from the “action” and traveling to the US is logistically complicated (visa requirements, long flights and all that), it all just seems too time and energy-intensive at this point

This is just me sharing some thoughts, sorry about that. I guess I’m doing it because I do feel a bit of guilt for not attending industry events. Maybe I should, after all I’ve been domaining for a long time and have been running DomainingTips for ~8 years. I’ll work on it and again, sorry for rambling 🙂

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  1. old school domain investor Says:

    Domainfest’s with playboy were the best conferences.
    Early Namescon’s were great too.
    2016 namescon was too much hyped up and crowded with some get rich quick types in the chinese frenzy and new gTLD investors I actually felt really sad for.
    2017 namescon the desperation of new gTLD investors was beyond obvious to long time domain investors.
    Hopefully 2018 Namescon will be more like the early namescon’s with good agenda and less hype and less make believe and less bubble frenzy.
    The shave-hair-for-charity party needs a major re-think, this years namescon waterschool party was too much of a sausage fest with too many drunk domainers with too little anti-perspirant and too much bullshitting.
    There needs to be a classier party if namescon is to survive as the go-to-conference.
    The mad barber’s hotel suite parties in Santa Monica during domainfest were more fun as a party than the current waternight…
    Missing Playboy mansion and the wannabe starlets ad celebrity groupies that Playboy attracted and even skeezy Ron Jeremy and the guitar playing guy that used to be married to Carmen Electra and the quirky playboy dj…
    Maybe Namescon should hire Darren Blatt (AffiliateBall fame) to throw the next party for waternight and maybe it should be in some other nightclub than the totally lame nightclub at Tropicana?