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Geo+domain buying factors

Posted on 12 October 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Buffalo Domainers – WNY Domain Meetup / I just sold a domain for $7.2k, but did I sell too cheap? / sold for $6,250 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Large volume domain transfers are a royal pain in the butt! – Have you ever had to do a large volume domain transfer from one registrar to another of over 100+ domain names? How smooth was the process for you? Check out the experience this domain investor had with large volume transfers.

Buying a .COM Domain that starts with “brand” – Be sure to check your portfolio for one of the brand domain names. This buyer has a budget of up to $200.00 for a quick sale if you have the right one.

The Pros and Cons of Geo Service Domains – Are you investing in Geo + service domain names or thinking about investing in them? This is an interesting read about the pros and cons of Geo + service domain names. sold for $6,250 – Wow! Not a bad two-letter .io ccTLD sales report. There’s been lots of movement in .io domain names lately with some decent sales reports like this one.

I just sold a domain for $7.2k, but did I sell too cheap? – What do you think? Did they sell that domain for less than the actual market value or did they make more than they should have?

Geo+domain buying factors – Which factors have you seen end-user buyers being motivated by when contacting you for one of your Geo+Domains? Check out what other investors are saying!

Buffalo Domainers – WNY Domain Meetup – Who else is in the Buffalo / Niagara / Rochester / WNY area and wants to meet-up with other like-minded domain investors? Check out this new meet-up group!

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[Wanted] – Bit related domain

Posted on 28 January 2018 by NamePros Daily

Today: Share your one word .net or .org / I’m Buying Domain Names / NamesCon 2018 event discussion / And more!

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Facebook Deals – Bye Bye Groupon and LivingSocial?

Posted on 26 April 2011 by Andrei

Facebook Deals will go live in 5 US cities (Dallas, Atlanta, San Diego, San Francisco and Austin) soon. I’m sure all of you know that deal sites like Groupon are all the rage these days, do you think that Facebook Deals will do some serious damage? Given the fact that FB has hundreds of millions of users, I think this project will NOT be a flop. Ok, it won’t be a flop but will it put Groupon and LivingSocial out of business?

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World Health Day Post – Health/Fitness and Domaining?

Posted on 07 April 2011 by Andrei

In case you didn’t know, April 07 = World Health Day (I found out a few minutes ago tbh, I knew we had one but had no idea it was today). I’m 99.9% sure none of my readers climb mountains for a living and it’s fairly safe to assume that given the nature of our occupation, most of us spend a LOT of time on a chair in front of a computer screen. What do you guys do to stay in shape and what kind of an impact does what you do for a living have on your health?

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