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44% Discount for GoDaddy Renewals

Posted on 27 December 2012 by Andrei

30% renewal discount coupons are pretty easy to find but 40%+ ones aren’t, so I thought I’d share this one. Also, I’m not 100% sure but I think you can use the GoDaddy credits you buy through the Groupon offer mentioned on, so you’d basically be receiving two discounts.

Be careful though: the credit expires in 2 months if I’m not mistaken, so use it as soon as possible.

Not sure if the 44% coupon works for other extensions (it might only work for dot coms) but giving it a try definitely can’t hurt.

Edited: oops, I wrote a post about a discount coupon and forgot to include… the discount coupon 🙂

Here’s the 44% discount coupon:


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  1. claudio Says:

    I just purchased the Groupon for Godaddy and was able to use a
    discount promo on my purchase. Awesome Deal!!!

  2. Acro Says:

    Squinting really hard, but can’t see the code!

  3. sergio Says:

    Did I miss the code?

  4. majed Says:

    exactly … what is the code ?

  5. Andrei Says:

    @Acro, sergio and majed: oops 🙂

    Forgot to include it, the post has been edited and I included the GDBBREN8 44% discount coupon.

  6. majed Says:

    thanks man .. it works

  7. Uzoma Says:

    I purchased the Groupon deal, now how do I use the daqn thing, I don’t see any code numbers or anything? Do you just go to and…?

  8. Andrei Says:

    @Uzoma: if you think an error occurred, I’d recommend contacting Groupon as well as GoDaddy. I’m pretty sure you’ll receive a very prompt reply from GoDaddy, not sure how Groupon’s support system works unfortunately since I never used it.

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