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It’s a Privilege!

Posted on 31 January 2013 by Andrei

I work/communicate with people from all corners of the world, so do most of us and it’s something we shouldn’t take for granted. We earn a living online, yet often don’t even stop for a minute to think about just how amazing what we do is.

A lot of things are falling apart offline (the economy, TV, you name it), yet the Internet is becoming better and better with each day that passes.

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Posted on 30 January 2013 by Andrei

… yes, this post is about sleep. In 2013, I decided that it’s time to start sleeping like a normal person. As you know, I’m not from the US and since I’m in a different time zone, it’s easier (in most cases) to communicate with others by basically “adopting” the US time zone.

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Do You Have to Pay Retail to Be Cool?

Posted on 29 January 2013 by Andrei

Never quite understood why many people frown upon coupons. Whenever possible, I use coupons because quite frankly, I don’t see why I shouldn’t save money by doing something that only takes a few seconds. You type in the coupon code and bam… there’s your discount.

So back to my question, do you have to pay retail to be cool?

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New GoDaddy Coupon – 3 Domains at $2.95 Each

Posted on 28 January 2013 by Andrei

It seems we’re dealing with another code which only works for customers from the US and Canada (I’m not 100% sure it only works for these two countries though, so feel free to try it) but the good news is that you can use it for up to 3 domains instead of just one.

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Obvious but Underestimated Offline “Investments” for Domainers

Posted on 27 January 2013 by Andrei

Consumers spend money on the craziest things and domainers don’t represent an exception. Yet a lot of times, people try to save a buck on extremely important investments and let me give you just two examples: the bed you sleep on several hours/day and they chair you sit on when you’re working.

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Posted on 25 January 2013 by Andrei

Luc Lezon, the person who created, launched recently. The guy knows his stuff and I’d recommend at least testing this service so you can see for yourself.

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Quick Friday Tip: Abundance

Posted on 24 January 2013 by Andrei

A lot of times, being genuinely helpful can be extremely profitable. You might just be making the best investment of your career… without knowing that you’re making an investment. A lot of people adopt an “I can’t be bothered to…” selfish attitude and it’s an understandable human instinct. But don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of networking.

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Sedo’s GreatDomains Event Ending Tomorrow

Posted on 23 January 2013 by Andrei

Sedo’s GreatDomains event will end tomorrow, less than 24 hours left. To take a look at their entire inventory, click HERE.

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“Move Your Domain Day” at NameCheap

Posted on 22 January 2013 by Andrei

Today, you can transfer your domain(s) to NameCheap at only $3.99 a pop (up to 50 transfers are allowed) and for every transferred domain, NameCheap will donate between $0.5 and $1.5 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a donor-supported membership organization that works to protect fundamental rights regardless of technology and to educate the public on their digital rights.

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Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Posted on 21 January 2013 by Andrei

… I admit, it’s something I’ve been guilty of as well and one of my top goals for 2013 is consolidation. Lots of domainers have a few project on their plate as well and if that’s the case as far as you’re concerned, I hope you’ll find my reminder useful.

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