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WordPress Launches WordAds (AdSense Alternative)

Posted on 29 November 2011 by Andrei

As a domainer, you should be happy whenever a new monetization solution for publishers is being launched, especially if a huge player like WordPress is behind it. Right now, WordAds is NOT a monetization solution for domainers but the launch of this project is a beginning.

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Wow, These Guys Are CRAZY

Posted on 25 November 2011 by Andrei

Ok, I know this isn’t domaining-related but I just had to share this YouTube video. Before you watch it, I just want to warn you: don’t do it if you have a heart condition.

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To Those of You Complaining That the Internet Is Shady

Posted on 22 November 2011 by Andrei

… just a quick question: do you really think that “more regulation” is the way to go? Be careful what you wish for guys because that wish just might come true.

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Comments (2) 2,600+ Spam Comments/Day

Posted on 20 November 2011 by Andrei

Mark Jeftovic left a comment on my blog a few days ago and since it was not published, he assumed my spam filter caught it and emailed me. He was right and I had to approve it manually.

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Don’t Forget to Use a 30% Off Coupon When Renewing at GoDaddy

Posted on 18 November 2011 by Andrei

… unless, of course, there is a better coupon available for the TLD you have in mind. The great thing about the 30% off coupon is that there’s pretty much always one you can use (ok, sometimes it’ll be 25% off, sometimes 33% or 35% but the bottom line is that you can always receive a discount of approximately 30%) and that it works for lots of TLDs.

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Can a Domain Make the Difference Between Success and Failure?

Posted on 17 November 2011 by Andrei

After writing THIS blog post and THIS blog post, I ended up realizing that one of the most important questions we need to analyze is the one I’m asking through the title of this post, an issue raised by Mark Jeftovic which deserves our attention IMO.

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Domains – The Best Investment You Could Possibly Make as a Business Owner

Posted on 16 November 2011 by Andrei

After I explained why turning domains into businesses with actual products is not a scalable approach (it can work for a few domains but not for large portfolios), Mark Jeftovic left an interesting comment but one I disagree with. Through this post, I will explain why.

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Ilya Zhitomirskiy (Diaspora Co-Founder) Died at 22

Posted on 15 November 2011 by Andrei

Sad news, Ilya Zhitomirskiy (who, together with Raphael Sofaer, Maxwell Salzberg and Daniel Grippi, was behind Diaspora) died at 22. Diaspora is an interesting project, one that I have been following, basically an open source social site which has being an “intrinsically more private social network” as one of its main goals. May he RIP.

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What If You Own Online Businesses and Something Happens to You?

Posted on 13 November 2011 by Andrei

There have been quite a few discussions about what were to happen if you as a domainer die. Without a doubt, it would be complicated but when it comes to your online businesses, things would be even more complex.

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Quick Weekend Tip: NEVER Rely on Your Hosting Company’s Backups

Posted on 12 November 2011 by Andrei

A lot of hosting companies (including offer off-server backups and that’s great but should you rely on these backups? No, no, no! I don’t care which company you’re with and I don’t care how great their track record is, you should always (and I mean ALWAYS) back up data yourself.

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