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Sedo GreatDomains July 2011 Ending in Less Than 5 Hours: + 218 Other Domains

Posted on 28 July 2011 by Andrei

This month’s GreatDomains event will end in less than 5 hours (all of the auctions will end at 6 PM CEST/12 PM EST). To place a bid on, click HERE. If you want to check out their entire inventory, click HERE.

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GreatDomains July 2011 Ending Tomorrow –,, and More!

Posted on 27 July 2011 by Andrei

This month’s GreatDomains auctions will end in less than 17 hours. Impressive inventory, I’ll let some of the domains speak for themselves (auction links included):

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The NameJet Auction Ended at $68,100

Posted on 27 July 2011 by Andrei

After 572 bids from 497 bidders, the NameJet auction ended at $68,100. Three NameJet members placed bids which exceeded $50,000 and as I’ve mentioned earlier this week, is being auctioned via NameJet by a domainer (so it’s not a domain that expired).

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Comments (13) No Reserve Auction Ending Tomorrow at NameJet – Currently at $30,300

Posted on 26 July 2011 by Andrei

The auction will end in approximately 23 hours and 30 minutes over at NameJet. 497 bidders are involved at the moment of writing and after 506 bids, it’s currently at $30,300.

A few results for other domains auctioned by the same seller via NameJet: was sold for $135,800 yesterday, received a $30,000 high bid yesterday but its reserve wasn’t met, sold for $160,200 on July 22, sold for $60,000 on July 18 and sold for $47,000 on July 12.

Comments (1) Fetches $135,800 at NameJet,’s Reserve Wasn’t Met

Posted on 25 July 2011 by Andrei

After 443 bids from 370 bidders, the reserve ended up being met and fetched $135,800 (three people placed bids which exceeded the reserve). received a high bid of $30k but its reserve wasn’t met . These two are NOT expired domains, they were listed by a domain investor and both had a reserve.

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Ending Today at 2 PM EST:,,, and 4 More! (Auctionpus)

Posted on 25 July 2011 by Andrei

A quick reminder, the following 8 auctions will end in less than 3 hours over at,, +,,,, and!

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Comments (1) Fetches $160,200 Over at NameJet

Posted on 22 July 2011 by Andrei

The auction ended a few moments ago. 352 bidders were involved and after 431 bids, the final price ended up being $160,200. The domain had a low 6 fig reserve (as lots of people have noticed, “NameJet Reserve” is not a regular NJ user, it’s basically their way of temporarily making auctions with reserves possible).

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GreatDomains July 2011 – (No Reserve), ($50k – $99k Reserve), ($10k – $25k Reserve) and More

Posted on 21 July 2011 by Andrei

This month’s event started a few moments ago and will end on the 28th of July at 06:00 PM CEST (approximately 7 days left at the moment of writing). Some very juicy domains: (No Reserve), ($50k – $99k reserve), ($10k – $25k reserve) and more. Here are some domains you might find interesting, click on the appropriate link and you’ll be taken to the domain’s auction page:

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Remove Sites You Don’t Control from Google?

Posted on 20 July 2011 by Andrei

Yep, this guy found out how and posted about the method on his blog. Needless to say, Google fixed this glitch but in my opinion, reading such posts is important because they make it clear that not even HUGE players like Google are perfect.

Comments (2) Fetched $20,550 at NameJet

Posted on 18 July 2011 by Andrei

163 bidders wanted a piece of the action and after 217 bids, the market decided that is worth $20,550. As most of you know, I own two hosting businesses and have been around the block for quite a while. In my opinion, is a decent buy at $20,550.

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