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Posted on 18 July 2011 by Andrei

163 bidders wanted a piece of the action and after 217 bids, the market decided that is worth $20,550. As most of you know, I own two hosting businesses and have been around the block for quite a while. In my opinion, is a decent buy at $20,550.

The hosting business is insanely competitive and you need an edge if you’re serious about establishing yourself in 2011 and beyond. In my case, as far as is concerned (our $0.98/month promotion has been extended btw), my edge is represented by the fact that I have a solid client base.

People know me, they trust me and understand that I’m in it for the long haul. The same thing goes for (send me an email if you’re interested in a managed or unmanaged dedicated server and I’ll hook you up with deals that are better than those found on the site –

You can’t just launch a site and hope for the best, you’re lost if you don’t have an edge and a premium domain represents just that. If the buyer ends up putting to good use, he or she will end up considering this purchase the deal of a lifetime IMO.

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