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Should Domainers Feel Threatened by the iPad? Nah, Not Really.

Posted on 31 January 2010 by Andrei

Bruce and Andrew wrote some interesting stuff about the iPad and how it could affect type-in traffic but when it comes to this specific product, I have to disagree. Here’s why:

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Do You Own Some Great .nl or .be Domains? Submit Them to Sedo’s Benelux Auction!

Posted on 30 January 2010 by Andrei

The 5th edition of Sedo’s “Benelux Auction” will start on the 11th of March and end on the 18th. If you own kick-ass dot nl or dot be domains and would like to auction them, there’s no time like the present to start submitting.

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Auctions, Auctions, Auctions

Posted on 29 January 2010 by Andrei

It’s time to analyze Domain Fest Global/T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas and today, I’d like to let my readers do all of the talking. What do you guys think about the three live auctions (the Moniker low and no reserve auction, the Moniker premium auction and Rick Latona’s live auction) and about live auctions in general?

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Posted on 27 January 2010 by Andrei

Remember Rick’s $750,000 deal? Remember how many i+keyword domain name owners started daydreaming afterwards? Remember how many people started to foolishly invest in absolutely worthless i+keyword domains?

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The Domain Fest Global “Low and No Reserve” Domain Name Auction – The Results

Posted on 26 January 2010 by Andrei

Not bad, not bad at all, especially given the fact that they will be organizing another auction on Thursday. The grand total: $150,950. A total of 54 domains have been sold, the percentage of domains which have had their reserves met is impressive (48 out of 73, about 66%). The complete list of domains which have been sold can be found on

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Posted on 25 January 2010 by Andrei

You’ve seen their banner on a lot of popular blogs (including, you found out that they’ve purchased and are probably asking yourself: who are these guys, what are they putting on the table? Well, let’s find out:

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Rick Latona’s Extended T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas Auction

Posted on 24 January 2010 by Andrei

Rick Latona’s extended T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas auction will start tomorrow (9 AM EST) and end on the 4th of February (1 PM EST). Proxibid is being used as a platform, click here and you’ll be taken to the main auction page.

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Rick Latona’s T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas Auction – The Results

Posted on 23 January 2010 by Andrei

The grand total: $456,402. It may not seem like an impressive amount, but let’s not make the foolish mistake of jumping on the “oh noes, what will happen to our poor industry?” bandwagon. Today’s grand total has a simple explanation, it’s really not rocket science:

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A Fellow Domainer’s Daughter Needs Your Facebook Vote, Less Than 1 Hour Left

Posted on 22 January 2010 by Andrei

Visit in order to vote, less than 1 hour left. The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation is currently ranked #6 and voting only takes a few seconds, hurry!

Edited: voting is no longer possible. The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation will be receiving $100,000 in grant funding. A special thanks to everyone who has voted!

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A Fellow Domainer’s Daughter Needs Your Help, Vote Now!

Posted on 21 January 2010 by Andrei

SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) is the leading genetic killer of young children and through a simple Facebook vote, you can contribute to saving the life of a fellow domainer’s daughter.

Important instructions:

Voting takes less than a minute, the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation is currently ranked #6 at the moment of writing. If it manages to make it to the 5th position, it will receive $100,000 in grant funding and if it wins, it will receive a million dollars in funding. Don’t just say something like “ok, I’ll vote a bit later”, acting fast is extremely important. Vote now, all you need is a Facebook account and it takes less than a minute!

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