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Posted on 27 January 2010 by Andrei

Remember Rick’s $750,000 deal? Remember how many i+keyword domain name owners started daydreaming afterwards? Remember how many people started to foolishly invest in absolutely worthless i+keyword domains? = 2.0?

Is the domain name worth a LOT of money at this point? Yes, nobody can deny that.

If Microsoft decides to rename “Windows 7” to “Please Buy These Socks”, will the domain “” be extremely valuable? Yep.

Look: cases such as these are extremely rare. Of course, all of us would be thrilled to find out that a motivated corporation (after all, a million bucks is peanuts to a company such as Microsoft, CNN or Apple) launched an “ABCDEFG” product and that it desperately wants the “brandable” domain we bought or hand regged without even thinking that something like this could happen but the odds of something like this happening are slim to none.

Should we all start buying or hand regging brandables like there’s no tomorrow just because we read about an isolated incident? Of course not!

There’s a fine line between being rational and daydreaming, we as domainers should know this better than anyone else. A top dollar sale is always beneficial to our industry but we should definitely not make the mistake of thinking that buying or hand regging lots of brandables in the hope that a major company will eventually launch a TV show or a product with the exact same name is a viable business model.

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  1. LB Says: is available, I just had to say this :))))))))))))

  2. Beanie Says:

    Sorry if it’s not on the topic but I was always wondering whats the difference between e and i in front of the keyword? I stands for internet and e stands for what? Or do both stand for internet?

  3. Anunt Says:

    If you guys really think is worth a million dollars to apple, then how much do you think is worth?

    You can buy it right now for only $3250., is not owned by apple…so i guess apple doesn’t want either!,, …these domain names do not get that much traffic…check the alexa ranking.

    I personally think these domains are not worth that much to apple…apple don’t care…they know people will end up at

  4. Andrei Says:

    @Anunt: is 1 million bucks really “that much” to Apple? I’m not saying that they couldn’t “live” without this domain but let’s not forget that Apple was worth $158.66 billion back in May 2008 (not sure how things stand atm, I’ll do a bit of research later) 🙂

  5. Andrei Says:

    It seems that Apple is worth about $189.72 billion atm. In other words, by paying a million bucks for, they would be investing about 1/189,000 of their market value and again, even though they can definitely do business without this domain, I wouldn’t see purchasing for $1,000,000 as a foolish decision, not by a long shot.

  6. Nick Says:

    They may not own and but they do own and What they don’t own is and my guess is that they want it. If I were Apple, I’d pay $1 mil for it.

  7. Anunt Says:

    Just because you have alot of money doesnt mean you should spend it foolishly by overpaying for everything.

    iphone is very popular…still the domain name does not get that much traffic. I really doubt ipad is going to be as popular as the iphone…therefore will not even get half as much traffic as the

    i think apple should not even worry about purchasing even though it would help it a little bit…but apple doesnt need this little extra traffic.

    most people will still just go directly to …few people that goto will eventually go to

  8. nr Says:

    I think Apple would pay over 10 million for the domain. They would be stupid not to. If I owned it i would not sell for less than 10 million. I guarantee they will buy it once their trademarks are all settled. They have over 35 billion in cash just sitting there. One million is less than one day of interest. Even ten million is pocket change to them. They will probably spend hundreds of millions of dollars marketing the new device. @Anunt, its not about how much traffic it gets, they will get the name because that is their brand now. Apple could care less what the traffic is like on it. Obviously it wont have decent traffic before today since it was just announced anyway.

  9. Domain Report Says:

    I bet does get a lot of traffic, same with What I wonder is if the ipad will be anywhere near as successful as iphone and ipod. My guess is it won’t outsell either of the other two products.

  10. Robert Haastrup-Timmi Says:

    Dudes! I really have to make a comment here.

    Everytime I see Steve Jobs at these unveiling Apple events, he reminds me of how much of a genius he really is! For anyone who is in doubt about the iPad trouncing the iphone, here is why:

    The iPad is revolutionary not only interms of its functions which are similar to iphone, but because it now represents the first mobile device that does pretty much everything “VISUALLY”. Not in a squinted display like mobile phones. You simply can now download any book from itunes on your bookshelf and start flicking pages with your fingers!! That is revolutionary. Mags, games, video, web and great apps are all now at your fingertips with the first really touch screen tablet device …iPAD! Well guys, i snapped up today at reg fee, couldn’t believe my luck! I billion Indians will one day be carry iPads to school and university and that my friends is the future…pure and simple!

    One last thing, Apple will buy for whatever it takes because it will be well worth it over the long term. This is the first true device that students all over the world can download all those massive text books on one device… the possibilities are endless. Now that’s a massive market!

  11. Andrei Says:

    @Anunt: I’m convinced that the folks from Apple don’t even care how much traffic is receiving. As I’ve mentioned previously, these guys are playing in the big league. Put yourself in the position of the person in charge of their marketing department. Let’s assume that you have a $100,000,000 budget at your disposal to advertise the iPad. Would you be willing to invest 1% of that budget in order to buy the best possible domain for your campaign?

  12. John Says:

    I like “i” and “e” keyword names. Alot.

    Here’s why.

    In the old days .com didn’t have that much traffic but as more and more companies adopted .com, critical mass was reached, .com became the de facto top established tld and continues to grow at a break-neck pace.

    Tons of i and e names are in my portfolio. They’re getting more and more traffic not to mention, sales inquiries. I even have two and three word names with “i” or “e” in front of them getting traffic.

    When you have big companies using those types of names like, iGoogle, iPhone, iReport and so forth, branding is getting done, just like .com…

  13. Damir Says:

    If a domain name is related to a particular product that the company has or will have 4 sale they buy the domain name so they can mzximize revenue since many people will type in the product name and then the .com ext.

    So Apple will make that investment to buy the rlevant domain name.

  14. Ms Domainer Says:


    It’s quite likely that Apple already has

    Clues can be found in the whois of



  15. Forrest Says:

    Apple’s revolutionary computer will soon evolve after the push launch during it’s unveiling. The A4 chip and Job’s potential to fix defections will start to make the iPad a huge product in years to come.

  16. Rashid Mahmood Says:

    That should be common sense, but it seems that the business world still needs a lot of educating.
    Using a long, unmemorable domain on a cell would be like a real-life situation where lots of people are coming to your restaurant and then are never able to fully explain to others where it is at when making a dining recommendation.

  17. Free iPad Says:

    F*CK Apple! Please stop launching anymore cool gadget plz… I just cant afford to own more iPod, iPhone, iPad(#iTampoon).

  18. Carmen Toof Says:

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  19. Aiza2010 Says:

    Google is not the only company interested in the average person’s opinions. CNN has been using iReporters for some time now. CNN’s iReporters are every-day people who write and submit stories to CNN then reads through the stories and features stories they feel are relevant on their Web sit..

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  22. sohail Says:

    iphone is very good…but the domain name have less traffic yet. I am not sure that Ipad will more popular like iphone. but hope so it will compete.

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  31. Bread Coupons Says:

    The big question…what will be the next big Apple product. If guess correctly, you might be sitting on a goldmine.

  32. Damon Says:

    @Robert Haastrup-Timmi
    Hate to break it to you but 1 billion Indians are not going to be using iPads, nor will Apple allow you to breach trademark infringement.
    I hope you sold this quicly or Apple will take it off you if you purchased it after the iPad was announced.
    Man, I feel sorry for the people that get sucked into the Apple marketing. The iPad is just a large version of an iPhone, without a camera and without the basic phone functionality. It’s a toy Nad it has no revolutionised anything.

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