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The Domain Fest Global “Low and No Reserve” Domain Name Auction – The Results

Posted on 26 January 2010 by Andrei

Not bad, not bad at all, especially given the fact that they will be organizing another auction on Thursday. The grand total: $150,950. A total of 54 domains have been sold, the percentage of domains which have had their reserves met is impressive (48 out of 73, about 66%). The complete list of domains which have been sold can be found on

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  1. Andrei Says:

    @everyone: I’ve updated the grand total. I think some of the names have been moved because the system displayed them as “sold” even though the reserve had not been met.

  2. Andrei Says:

    Yep, the results have appeared on as well. The grand total is indeed $150,950. Here’s a link:

  3. nmwando Says:

    It’s just like you said when you posted about Rick Latona’s auction, the blockbusters as you called them will be sold on Thursday. Today was more of a warmup and what pleases me is that the prices were realistic. It’s refreshing to see an auction where 7 out of 10 (ok, 6.6 out of 10) domains sold, finally some action.

  4. nothighenough Says:

    I can’t deny that it’s good for us that a lot of domains met their reserve but not even 200k, that’s alittle low. The high reserve domains will be a part of their next auction yes but I don’t know, I don’t know what to think right now.

  5. nmwando Says:

    I get your point about the total not being very high but let’s not forget what the name of this auction was. This was not their premium auction, this was their low or no reserve auction. To me the victory is seeing so many domains sell. Without liquidity, what would we do? I think the main purpose of the auction was proving that we have liquidity, the premium event should be when the high amounts will roll in.

  6. nmwando Says:

    Here’s a challenge for you. Go take a look at all of the auctions of the past 6 months and find me two auctions with over 50% of the domains moving. I’m waiting 🙂

  7. nmwando Says:

    Forget that, find me just one of the auctions with over 50 domains present which beat this one in terms of movement. Still waiting 🙂

  8. nothighenough Says:

    ok, you win the argument about number os sales. I don’t have time to look at them all but I think there are non which sold more domains. But wouldn’t it have been better to just have one big auction instead of two auctions? Is an auction for low resrve domains really justified?

  9. nmwando Says:

    It’s impossible to please everyone. If they would have incorporated these domains into the premium auction, premium domain owners would be complaining that those domains don’t belong there (with some exceptions) and that it’s more difficult for bidders to find their domains. If they would have added 2 hours to the length of the premium auction, everyone would be complaining that the auction is just way too long. There’s never one solution which pleases everyone.

  10. nmwando Says:

    Andrei, I think your commentator plugin is broken. My name appears two times, one time with 5 comments and one time with just 1 comment.

  11. Andrei Says:

    @nmwando: you’re always asked to provide your name, email and URL (optional) when commenting. You’ve commented 7 times this week so far and in one case, you added an extra “s” to your email address, so the plugin “thought” you were a different person.

  12. nmwando Says:

    Sorry for the trouble Andrei, must have made a typing mistake because I was in a rush to write a comment 🙂

  13. Rashid Mahmood Says:

    See my response to to Michael above. It’s all about holding “themed” auctions and grouping relevant domains together and contacting the market publications for those business categories.
    I don’t expect anyone to hand promote each domain individually for only 10-15%. I wouldn’t do that either! lol
    Thanks for writing!

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