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You Need More Than Skills to Be a Good Negotiator

Posted on 21 February 2013 by Andrei

Think about it. Let’s assume Person A is sitting on a lot of cash, no liquidity problems whatsoever and let’s assume Person B has to pay the bills asap.

Person B might have learned everything there is to know about the art of negotiation but he has to pay the bills and he has to pay them as soon as possible.

Huge disadvantage.

If you ask anyone who secured top dollar end user sales, he/she will most likely confirm that the process involved saying “no” time and time again.

Those who are sitting on a lot of cash can afford to say “no”, those who aren’t… not so much.

I’m not saying negotiation skills aren’t important, not at all.

I’m simply saying they’re not the only factor.

And I’m saying something else: the more money you’ll have, the better you’ll be at the negotiation game.

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  1. MarkH Says:

    It’s so true, 5 years ago I was rolling. My parking income was much more than than my renewals, I had adult domains and sites that were making crazy money, I was doing great buying and selling rock posters, memorabilia and art on ebay, I had an herbal manufacturing and sales operation and website that was doing great, and I was making money and having a great time writing, recording and performing music. It was great.

    Then I got in a car accident, broke my neck, and was paralyzed from the neck down for a while, couldn’t move a finger or toe. This sucked obviously but at the same time, like the perfect storm, parking died, adult income died, posters and memorabilia sales died, I couldn’t physically run my herb company like I did before so it went way downhill, and I couldn’t do any music stuff because of my physical issues.

    I also didn’t have any health insurance like an American Idiot so I paid all the medical bills out of pocket, I’m talking some big bucks here, I had to get part of my vertebrae replaced, a bunch of therapy, and a nice long stay in the hospital (the Marriot penthouse suite across the street with private nurses would have been cheaper).

    Luckily, I had a bunch of good old domains I could still sell, but the difference was before I basically ignored offers until buyers were begging for the domain, which meant most sales were to good end users, now I had to accept offers that I didn’t really want to, I had to survive. That’s also why I am so much more involved in domains now.

    But it’s all good, it’s all still great actually, I am lucky and happy to have domains to sell and I have weathered the storm. But like you said, sometimes there are other factors and you gotta do what you gotta do…

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