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Why Pollute Auction Events With Names That Won’t Sell?

Posted on 22 February 2017 by Andrei

I was looking at this month’s Sedo Great Domains inventory and initially thought to myself that the lineup seems decent. But after taking a look at the reserve ranges, I’m left scratching my head.

The most in-your-face thing I’ve identified is that they have lots of decent wholesale non-chip LLLLs this month: (maybe I’m seeing things but there seem to be two listings for the same domain?!?)

… ok, great.

But all of the above have 500-999 USD/EUR reserve ranges.

These are highly liquid domains, which means the current market price for them is easy to gauge and that there is always quite a bit of inventory at the market price… and I’m sorry but that market price is well under the $500 – $999 reserve range!

Why would someone buy these at $500 – $999 when the market is full of similar quality domains at much lower prices?

Now from the perspective of the seller, I understand this because Sedo’s minimum commission of 60 bucks makes listing this type of LLLL.coms at the current market price a pretty bad deal. But that’s just the way it is and in my opinion, Sedo is making the idea of GreatDomains events less appealing by listing inventory that clearly isn’t priced to sell.

If domainers are exposed to such inventory 2-3-4 times, they’ll just disregard GreatDomains events altogether, which would be a shame in my opinion because there’s room for them in the industry.

Now as a broker, I understand how hard it is to put quality inventory that’s also priced to sell on the table. But who says you *have* to hold GreatDomains auctions each month? Just make it a once-per-season thing (so GreatDomains Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) and that should give you ample time to put more attractive deals on the table.

Sorry for the rant but it really is a shame that Sedo isn’t doing more with the GreatDomains concept IMO 🙁

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  1. Konstantinos Zournas Says:

    This is how it has always been.
    People have been disregarding GreatDomains auctions for years.
    This is Sedo and you can not reason with it.

  2. Anunt Says:

    i didn’t find dsad namejet auction that appealing either. Namejet Winter Auction has ton of terrible names and two good ones.

    I was expecting better inventory from Domain Shane but i guess it’s not their fault…
    people are just submitting worthless domains!!!

  3. THCNames Says:

    This is pretty much how ALL heavily promoted domain auctions go Andrei. 🙂

  4. David Says:

    I was just thinking and writing about this. I guess either people see things very differently, or not sure how the selection process goes. Weak selection of domains on the DSAD BW Auction. I just can’t believe they couldn’t auction better names. Many of them listed are only a year old, which isn’t a huge factor but in many cases I could find better in the NamePros bargain section.

  5. Miles Simmons Says:

    I agree! The crap Domain Shane and DSAD auctions at Namejet, and Sedo High Reserves and 2 black eyes in the industry. Waste of everybody time!