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Which Domain(s) Should You Develop?

Posted on 14 April 2014 by Andrei

When I announced the “official” launch of yesterday (the actual launch took place in 2013 but wasn’t public, I basically limited myself to a few pilot projects to test the concept), I made it clear that developing small websites is *not* a viable long-term business model in 2014 and beyond. As some of you who have been around for a while know, I’ve been repeating this on DomainingTips obsessively for several years.

Unfortunately, I still come across the “maybe I’ll develop it later on” mentality way too often. In fact, let me just start by saying that if you used the word “maybe” or a synonym, the domain in question is probably not development material.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: at this point, only serious development projects are worth it if you’re in it for the long haul. Small websites will constantly fight to survive, whereas genuinely useful ones will thrive. That brings me to the point I’m trying to get across today:

You won’t and shouldn’t develop most of your domains!

Realistically speaking, it’s next to impossible to build genuinely useful sites on lots and lots of domains. You have to be selective, brutally selective in fact. For the most part, I’d recommend limiting yourself to these two reasons:

1) You’re genuinely passionate about the topic the website will cover

2) The domain in question is one of your “buy and hold” assets

For example, I decided to build a megasite on for both of these reasons. On the one hand, is definitely a “buy and hold” domain that I’m not willing to sell unless I receive a good offer and on the other hand, it also represents a nice choice for a website related to something I’ve always been passionate about (Vitality. Fitness. Health. or in other words, anything that has to do with embracing a healthy lifestyle).

The megasite currently has over 100 articles and even things like infographics. As time passes, more and more quality content will be added. Thus far, my writers handled absolutely everything and created the “foundation” but since it’s a topic I’m very passionate about, I might actually start writing some articles myself every once in a while.

The bottom line is this: there’s no longer room for mediocrity.

Build a megasite on one or a handful of domains for which such an approach makes sense and as far as the other ones are concerned, keep them parked or point them to a “domain for sale” landing page. No need to reinvent the wheel, simply be reasonable and start understanding that providing value is the only way to go in 2014 and beyond.

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  1. Anunt Says:

    where is your cash register on your mega site?
    how are u making money with this megasite?

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Anunt: right now, I’m not monetizing it. My main focus is traffic generation. In the future though, there will definitely be a monetization mechanism in place. The monetization strategy needs to be chosen on a case by case basis in my opinion, it depends on the site we’re talking about.

    Ideally, you should sell your own product. For example, a book/guide about healthy lifestyle choices for (this will be the choice I’ll be embracing but again, not yet). If that’s not possible and the site is popular enough, you can sell ad space directly to advertisers. If that’s not possible either, you can simply promote products/services as an affiliate and/or use AdSense.

  3. Matthew Says: is nice 🙂 very well priced as well.. considering as have a few development ideas.

  4. Savio D'Silva Says:

    Very useful article since so many of us waste so much money and time on hunting for quality domain names and then nothing about developing them due to the large numbers we registered or just plain old procrastination.

    There is plenty of money in micro sites. Just have to build a solid team of content writers who see the same skyline as you and you can sell hundreds of domains each year.

    For example, you can check out a little site that we developed in less than 30 minutes ( Our team has built thousands of sites like these over the last few years and we still focus our efforts on them till today since most of them eventually sell.

    But, once again, this profit model is not for everybody since most domainers I read about and know are pretty lazy to begin with.