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What Should I Do with

Posted on 02 September 2013 by Andrei

I’m sure some of you remember that back in 2010, I launched a forum, It went well initially, a little over 4,000 posts but I ended up abandoning the project due to lack of time.

But earlier today, after a trip down memory lane, I decided that it’s time to do something with it.

I mean look, the domain is great (bought it from RJ while he was still the owner of and the design is great. It has a little over 4k posts, so a decent foundation. Everything is functional, you even have rotating header as well as sidebar ads, so you can literally copy/paste some ads and bam, the software rotates them for you.

Even more so, I negotiated a deal with Francois from which involves one regular headline on each day. So I basically used to post the best thread of the day on for added exposure. That deal is still valid (I can still post headlines on but if I end up selling, the new owner will have to contact Francois and pay him a reasonable set-up fee because it’s the proper thing to do in my opinion.

So if I end up keeping it, I can continue to post one headline/day on

If I end up selling it, the new owner can post the daily headline after paying Francois a set-up fee.

That brings me right back to my question: what should I do with

1) Should I sell it?

2) Should I find a partner and re-launch it?

The thing is, I’m waaaaaaay too busy to manage a forum myself.

Therefore, option #2 would be complicated because the amount of time I’d be able to put on the table would be minimal.

Maybe you guys have some other ideas.

Contact me at if you would like to buy it or have a partnership idea.

I’m open to all suggestions.

If you are interested in buying it, email me a reasonable offer at

I’m very flexible price-wise but do keep in mind that the domain itself is very good (I bought it from RJ, the previous owner of a while back) and that a lot of time/energy has been invested in creating the forum and running it initially.

I don’t expect a fortune but I think a reasonable price would be in the $1,500 area. That doesn’t even come close to covering my initial costs (domain acquisition, forum creation/management, advertising, contests and so on) but if the forum finds a new home in the right hands, I’m willing to let it go for a price in the $1,500 zone.

Anyway, shoot me an email at and we’ll discuss (no pun intended haha) it further 🙂

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  1. MaxD Says:

    If Elliot does not want to do that, I would suggest you to restart you forum opening a new section strictly reserved to listings of one word domains for sale and/or another section reserved to listings of domains for lease with monthly payment clearly attached to each one (based on a 60 months lease to own plan).

    You can see my posts here:

    There are only Epik and Flippa on the market… There is room for “thousands” of platforms making selection…