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Let Help You Win $50 and a Vector Logo Worth $95

Posted on 24 February 2010 by Andrei

Find me the available domain with the highest score (you don’t have to register it) and win, that’s all there is to it. The contest started a few hours ago and will end next Tuesday at 3 PM EST.

Each person is allowed to post up to 3 domain names, this is the first contest and I’ll definitely be organizing more of ’em in the future. Here’s the contest thread:

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  1. nmwando Says:

    I found one valuated at $380 hehehe

  2. nmwando Says:

    Darn, just checked again. Mine was only $310 and it seems someone already found a better domain, his is at $340. Back to the drawing board

  3. LB Says:

    I’m surprised nobody had an idea for such a contest before, I like the concept a lot. It’s a fun way for domainers to put their creativity to the test for a change, can’t wait to see how much the winning domain is worth according to valuate.

  4. inBIN Says:

    Your forum is very nice overall, I like what you did with it. Wish to see more nice surprises from you, the launch was very well thought of.

  5. Nick Says:

    Yikes, it’s now at over $1,000!

  6. mickbroker Says:

    I have one for $1500 if forum will ever let me post it,

  7. Andrei Says:

    @mickbroker: Aren’t you able to post? Everything seems to be working ok, let me know if you are experiencing difficulties.

  8. Andrei Says:

    A quick update: I created a test account and was able to start threads/post, no issues whatsoever.

  9. t Says:

    I found an unregistered domain valuated at $25,000 !! But I can’t post it 🙁 Just Kidding ! 🙂

  10. nmwando Says:

    They’re getting close to $25,000, at $11,000 now. They’ll probably find one valued at over $25,000, still a lot of time left. Or maybe I’ll be the one to find it hehehe

  11. The Web Domains Says:

    So whats the highest now? Is $11k also just a joke or what?

    I have several in the range $5k to $10k valuated at

    Does tld matter to you?

  12. clayton Says:

    yeah, please update to reflect the question about the TLD and also are we just posting the value? I can only do 50 appraisals a day at valuate, but some of my domains on valuate are “worth” over 30k so im pretty sure I could find so more high value ones if I know the rules

  13. DomainNameTruth Says:

    $11k is not a joke, the person who found the domain posted a screnshot on the forum and there are many domains with even higher values available for registration. It says on the fist post that any tld is accepted, the rules are present in the first post of the thread linked to from this blog post.

    I might fish around for a domain just for fun, I appreciate anyone who thinks of original ways to get domainers to use their brains.